The Precious Moments Dolls Got A Makeover, And, TBH, They're Better Than The Original

    The new class.

    The Precious Moments collectible dolls have been around since the late 1970s.

    Well, now it’s time to meet the new generation of Precious Moments figurines that are a little sick and twisted, courtesy of Canadian artist Keith Busher.

    He’s the proud creator of “Precious Mutations” where he takes Precious Moments, and other types of figures, and completely “zombie-fies” them like this:

    Busher told Country Living that the whole thing started after a trip with his daughters to a local thrift store where he stumbled upon some Precious Moments figurines.

    Sure, not everyone is going to appreciate Busher’s awesome sick sense of humor, and that’s okay.

    If you can appreciate Busher’s art, go check out more of his work on his Instagram page.