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    Did You Know Kendall Jenner Has A Twin Named Kirby? Just Look At These Pics

    Spitting image.

    OMG! Did you know that Kendall Jenner has a long lost twin bro?

    That’s because she doesn’t. But ssshhh, don’t tell “Kirby Jenner.”

    Buzzfeed talked to Kirby about his Insta-fame with his Kirby Jenner Instagram account. He said the following (verbatim).

    “LOL it’s kind of a crazy story tbh!! After my squad was like “yo Kirby lemme get your Insta” I was like “what are you even talking about?” and then my boy Cheeto was like ‘it’s kinda like LinkedIn but for pictures” and I was like “dang... you had me at LinkedIn.’”

    “So I plopped down right there on the floor at Cinnabon and made an account.”

    “As an amateur model, rollerblader, belly flop champion, aspiring novelist, and semi-decent stuntman, I figured I had a good amount of stuff to share with the world.”

    “People have been super kind! Sometimes strangers will be like “are you Kirby Jenner?” and I’ll say “yes” and give them a hug or high-five.”

    “Sometimes we’ll even make up a secret handshake just in case we bump into each other again.”

    “But sometimes it’s kinda annoying, like last week when I was late for my orthodontist (I have a pallet’s a thing...) and some lady was asking me to take a picture for her son and she took like 50 photos. 🤦‍♂️

    “Can’t really complain tho since life is pretty fun. Mom just signed me and Kourtney up for computer camp this June so I’m excited about that. Do you have any summer plans?”

    You’re welcome.