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    Updated on Feb 23, 2019. Posted on Feb 22, 2019

    "Space Jam 2" With Lebron James Has A Release Date And People Have Mixed Emotions

    The remix.

    We all knew this mega-sequel was coming, but now there’s an official date.

    NBA / Via

    That’s right. We’re talking about Space Jam 2 starring the one-and-only LeBron James.

    It was revealed in this tweet put out by LeBron’s production company SpringHill Entertainment.


    Can you believe it’s been over 20 years since Michael Jordan played some b-ball with the Looney Tunes crew?

    Warner Bros.

    Oh, and did we mention the movie will also star Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny?

    @_itsamandasmith @SpringHillEnt @wbpictures @WarnerBrosEnt @mavcarter @KingJames

    As expected, there were some "haters" reacting to the news, like sports commentator Skip Bayless.

    Space Jam 2? I'll stick with the original, thank you. A sequel starring a phony goat cannot be as good.

    But plenty of people are legit pumped about this news, too.

    Not gonna lie pretty pumped for Space Jam 2

    And then others were giving LeBron props for this announcement as he prepares to lead the Lakers in the playoffs.

    LeBron releasing the Space Jam 2 date right before he begins heroically carrying the Lakers to the playoffs is next-level marketing.

    Someone even floated the idea that perhaps Kobe would've been a better fit for the flick.

    Space Jam 2 with Kobe would have been incredible 👀🐐

    The sequel will be out on July 16, 2021. Yep, that’s over two years away.

    Get out of here with this Space Jam 2 nonsense. They’ve been teasing this for 10yrs and now they give us a release date 2.5yrs from now 😒

    Still, you know this is going to be a lot of you when the time comes.

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