An Investigation Uncovered Traces Of Poop At McDonald's Touchscreens

    No dipping sauce, please.

    Yo! We’ve all heard about how dirty handrails and toilet seats are, right?

    Well, germaphobes everywhere beware because traces of feces (yes, poop) were found on every McDonald’s touchscreen tested in an exclusive investigation by Metro UK.

    “We were all surprised how much gut and fecal bacteria there was on the touchscreen machines. These cause the kind of infections that people pick up in hospitals.”

    Dr. Matewele also revealed the bacteria could be on the touchscreen machines for days.

    TBH, people are grossed out — but not surprised. Not one bit.

    @MetroUK Very scary on the Poop front. What do you expect. These screens were a great idea initially, but based on some recent experience the screens are making the staff dumb. Now with little interaction with customers, staff are losing any ability to engage.

    @MetroUK What do we expect, people are dirty!

    They even have jokes. I mean, if there's ever a time for toilet humor...

    @MetroUK I wouldn't order a chocolate milkshake then!

    Then there's the obvious assumption that people are just...dirty.

    @MetroUK What do you expect. Some people don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet

    @MetroUK What do we expect, people are dirty!

    Hey, there's always that hand gel?

    @MetroUK And yet I get looks for washing my hands and carrying hand gel everywhere even though I have an immuno suppressing disease!

    A spokesperson for McDonalds said they clean their screens frequently throughout the day.