No Joke, Taco Bell Is Opening A Hotel And Resort In Palm Springs

    Run for the...desert?

    If you love Taco Bell AND you need an escape from the everyday drear of life, there is some exciting news for you.

    Taco Bell is making a move to give their fans what they really want.

    Mark your calendars…

    If you tend to spend your nights stumbling into Taco Bell, this will be the ultimate convenient summer vacation spot for you!

    They just announced they're taking over a resort in Palm Springs for a short time only in order to create an immersive Taco Bell experience, aptly titled "The Bell."

    "The Bell" is now taking reservations in June, although check-in won't be until August 9.

    "The Bell" will also house a gift shop with Taco Bell-themed clothing, as well as a salon featuring Taco Bell-adjacent nail art and hairstyles.

    In true form, the Taco Bell loyalists are already asking for a comped room.

    @tacobell Can y'all give me a free room? 🤔 cuz I honestly have spent thousands at your restaurant already

    It’s still unclear how long this Taco Bell resort will be up and running.