More People Saw The Women's Team Win The World Cup Than The Men's Final In 2018

    All they do is win.

    It was a huge weekend for women’s sports — there’s no doubt about that.

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    And now it turns out more people watched the USA Women’s Soccer team win the World Cup than they did the men’s team in 2018.

    Hey, the ratings don’t lie and they say Sunday’s final between the US women's team and the Netherlands pulled in a 10.0 overnight market ratings, according to Variety.

    This is a breakdown of the ratings numbers, shared by FOX Sports.

    Full 2019 #FIFAWWC metered market average: ☑️ Up 1% over 2015 ☑️ Up 19% over 2011 #USA win over #NED in final: ☑️ 10.0 metered market rating ☑️ Up 20% over 2018 men’s World Cup final

    You read that right. The game on Sunday was up over 20% over the men's World Cup final.

    People are seriously impressed with these numbers!

    With a 10.0 overnight rating, the Women’s World Cup Final outrated last year’s Men’s World Cup Final by +20%. #USWNT #FIFAWWC

    And the calls for players getting equal pay have grown. Like this one from presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

    They bring home the ratings, the revenue, and the wins. But even if they didn’t, the players of the @USWNT deserve equal pay.

    This cartoon by visual journalist Liza Donnelly pretty much says it all.

    That Amazing Soccer Team - Liza Donnelly - Medium

    Now people are chiming in. Like this tweet saying women get higher ratings and have better attendance.

    @YEG_IVIars @mightyzo The US womens soccer team gets higher ratings and has better attendance then the mens team.

    Oh, and btw...Sports Illustrated said the most-watched soccer match in U.S. history is the 2015 World Cup final where the USWNT beat out Japan with a whopping 25 million viewers.

    Unpopular fact alert: you’re the reason women’s soccer players don’t get paid as much as you think they should. If you’re so passionate about their pay scale, consume the product more often. Better ratings, more ticket sales = higher pay

    Further proof that this team is champions on the field and literally everywhere else.