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    Millie Bobby Brown Is Launching Her Own Vegan Beauty Brand "Florence By Mills"

    Dialing it up to 11.

    Now you can add another label to Millie Bobby Brown besides model, actress and rapper.

    Florence by Mills / Via

    That’s because the 15-year-old Stranger Things star just shared a video teasing her brand new beauty label called Florence by Mills.

    She’s reportedly marketing her vegan skin-care and makeup line to the iGen generation, most commonly referred to as Gen Z.

    @florencebymills / Via

    In the teaser video, Millie begins by saying, "Every young person deserves to have a good start with their skin."


    There will be 15 products made available for purchase, including a “Zero Chill Face Mask” and the “Cheek Me Later Cream Blush.”

    @florencebymills / Via

    The items range between $10 and $34 per item.

    Millie told WWD that she’s very decisive.


    “As soon as I make a decision, that’s my decision, and I will do it. There’s not regret, usually. Every decision I make with Florence [by Mills] has been literally made in two or three seconds.”

    No word yet on when Millie’s beauty brand will officially launch. But maybe you should start waiting by the computer and begin hitting refresh?


    You can sign up to know when Florence by Mills goes live here.

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