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    People Can't Wait For 2019 After McDonald's Teases These Cheesy Bacon Fries


    If there’s anything most people can agree on it’s that a) McDonald’s french fries are delicious, and b) adding cheese to almost anything makes it instantly better.

    Alice Socal / Via

    Well, hold on to your waistband because McDonald’s is reportedly trying out some (gulp) Cheesy Bacon Fries on its menu.

    McDonald's / Via

    We’re talking about a medium order of fries topped with some cheddar cheese and bacon bits.

    McDonald's / Via Twitter: @HispanicNews

    And people are excited.

    @carlruiz Well, there goes the New Year’s resolution I was never going to follow... Bring on the cheesy bacon fries!

    The reactions are slowly trickling in.

    But before you make a mad dash for the door, you should know they’re only available in Northern California and Hawaii right now.

    Cheesy Bacon Fries spotted in Hawaii 👀

    I just read (and reread) that @McDonalds is testing out a new menu item #cheesybaconfries. Surely somewhere in #Texas ---like--- #Houston should be a test market. #BringIt #KHOU11 #Htownrush

    Tbh, not everyone has been impressed.

    Went to @McDonalds and ordered the cheesy bacon fries. And this is what i got. What the hell is this..

    When you say “Cheesy Bacon Fries” what you really mean is cold, barely there fries, with cheese sauce and bacon bits? @McDonalds

    Rumor has it that the cheesy bacon fries will officially be available nationwide in 2019.

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