Makeup Guru Jaclyn Hill Just Launched A Makeup Line With 20 Nude Lipsticks

    20 shades of nude.

    If you’re a popular beauty influencer, it can be a little scary to break out on your own as opposed to collaborating with already-established makeup companies.

    But that’s exactly what YouTuber Jaclyn Hill is finally doing as she officially launches her eponymous line Jaclyn Cosmetics.

    Although it took longer than anticipated, she’s super excited to launch her brand new makeup line starting with 20 shades of nude lipsticks.

    Jaclyn told People, “This has been five years in the making. It took forever to build the perfect team and find a lab that could produce hundreds of thousands of units.”

    To say her say her fans are excited is a huge understatement.

    Alarm set and card ready! @Jaclynhill I can't wait to get my lipstick!!

    Slammed my pointer finger in the car door yesterday but it didn’t stop me from typing my shit in to place my order!!! 🙌🏼 I can’t wait to get my trio! ❤️💋 #jaclyncosmetics @Jaclynhill @jaclyncosmetics

    I love that @Jaclynhill was the first person who created my obsession with nude lipsticks and now she’s launching her own brand and coming out with 20 nude lipsticks 😍😭😍 time to go blow my paycheck on #jaclyncosmetics 🔥🙌🏻 I CANNOT WAIT 💕

    She's also getting a ton of love from her friends in the beauty community.

    I am so proud of @Jaclynhill for launching @jaclyncosmetics 🥺 She literally inspired me to start playing with makeup & I would not be here if it were not for her. 🥰 check out her line!

    A couple of people were disappointed that some items sold out quickly.

    @Jaclynhill I’m bummed that Obsessed sold out so quickly. I had it in my cart but it sold out before I could finish checking out. 😐 I did get 3 other beautiful shades though so I’m excited! 🙌🏻🎉🛒🎀🛍💄 #jaclyncosmetics

    And then there's the whole shipping issue.

    @Jaclynhill Imagine the sales you’d get if your shipping wasn’t $20USD for international customers...this is a brutal price to pay after waiting all this time for your products. This brings the price to $58 Canadian dollars for me to get 1 single lipstick #jaclyncosmetics #brutal

    But, overall, her fans are over the moon about being able to get official Jaclyn Cosmetics.

    Peep that 11:01 am confirmation email. YA GIRL WAS READY! @jaclyncosmetics @Jaclynhill #jaclyncosmetics

    And we leave you with this info from Jaclyn herself.

    If you have any questions or concerns about my lipsticks, please tweet @jaclyncosmetics 💎🙏🏼