An Anti-Vaxx Mom Asking For Advice Reignites The Debate Over Vaccinations

    Shots shots shots shots shots!

    The measles outbreak that started in Washington state and moved to Portland, Oregon, is reigniting the longtime debate between anti-vaxxers and everyone else.

    This post was shared recently by an anti-vaxx mom in Washington state that garnered a ton of responses.

    Can anyone guess how this person could protect their child from the measles?

    She posted this question in a Facebook group called "Vaccine Education Network: Natural Health Anti-Vaxx Community."

    Now health officials say the measles have spread to Hawaii. Children who have not been vaccinated are the majority of these patients.

    Some are taking this as an opportunity to voice their opinions on the subject.

    As the father of a three year old, I’d like to offer up a hearty and sincer fuck you to the irresponsible, selfish, and incredibly stupid parents that have caused this measles outbreak.

    Others are just dropping some serious knowledge.

    Vaccinations don’t cause autism but even if they did I have autism & like I’d much rather have this than measles or polio

    I have thoughts on this whole measles outbreak They go something like this: once upon a time, there were no vaccinations & life expectancy was shit. Lots of people died. Horribly. Now we have vaccines; kids live to adulthood. This is a new phenomenon. VACCINATE YOUR KIDS, FFS

    Measles is making a comeback. VACCINATE THY CHILDREN YOU STUPID BASTARDS.

    Even doctors are weighing in on this.

    Have you ever witnessed someone die of measles? I have. It’s particularly deadly in adults. The anti-vaxer movement is founded upon a lie. Please vaccinate your kids.

    Washington has now officially declared a state of emergency due to the measles outbreak.

    Measles was effectively eradicated in 2000 — but Washington has now declared a state of emergency because of an outbreak of the deadly disease

    We leave you with this message by the World Health Organization Western Pacific.

    Vaccine-preventable diseases include: Cervical cancer Cholera Diphtheria Hep B Influenza Japanese encephalitis #Measles Mumps Pertussis Pneumonia Polio Rabies Rotavirus Rubella Tetanus Typhoid Varicella Yellow Fever Here are 5 facts on vaccines you need to know #VaccinesWork!