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    It Snowed Unexpectedly In Mexico, Blanketing Residents Under 3 Feet Of Snow

    Winter is here. ❄️

    A freak hailstorm hit Guadalajara, Mexico, over the weekend leaving it covered in ice.

    Ulises Ruiz / AFP / Getty Images

    The Washington Post reported that people there woke up on Sunday to a city blanketed in white.

    Enrique Alfaro / Via Twitter: @EnriqueAlfaroR

    The ice pellets rained on the city covering streets.

    Some vehicles were even buried, with reports of the ice being up to two meters deep.

    Ulises Ruiz / AFP / Getty Images

    The governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, shared this tweet, explaining that Civil Protection workers had been working through the night in certain areas of the city that were most affected.

    Luego de una inusual granizada en distintas colonias del Área Metropolitana de Guadalajara, principalmente en Rancho Blanco y en la Zona Industrial, personal de Protección Civil Jalisco atendió la situación desde la madrugada.

    Alfaro said he had never seen anything quite like this before.

    This is pretty much the overall sentiment following this phenomenon.

    Damn 72 degrees in Mexico but they got an ice storm ?

    People seriously can't believe this hailstorm that came with zero warning.

    More pictures from the unbelievable hail dump on Guadalajara Mexico. The impacts were great with roads becoming impassable and people being stranded. Not to mention all the structural damage FEET of ice can do. #Hail #Mexico  #weather

    Some photos have it looking like a totally different climate.

    Ulises Ruiz / AFP / Getty Images

    The governor also shared this tweet, in which he ends by saying: "And then we ask ourselves if climate change is real."

    Muy temprano, antes de ir a la CDMX para el arranque de la Guardia Nacional, estuve en el lugar para evaluar la situación y fui testigo de escenas que nunca había visto: el granizo a más de un metro de altura, y luego nos preguntamos si el cambio climático existe.

    According to the AFP 200 homes and businesses were damaged, but no injuries or deaths were reported.

    Ulises Ruiz / AFP / Getty Images

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