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    Posted on Jan 30, 2018

    People Are Loving That This Eatery Is Giving Away Healthy Leftovers To The Homeless Every Night

    What a no-brainer.

    A healthy food restaurant in Manchester, England, is getting a ton of kudos for doing something awesome.

    carapearson94 / Via

    This goes for the swankiest of restaurants to the smallest of diners.

    Bosu Body Bar is offering up their leftovers in bags every single night so that homeless people who stay in the area can have a decent meal.

    The restaurant is known for its healthy eats and is considered "fit fast food."

    Bosu Body Bar / Via

    That makes this generous act of kindness that much sweeter since it's food that's actually healthy.

    People are praising them for showing the kindness they're showing to the less fortunate.

    Andria Oz / Via Facebook: Bosubodybar

    And it's even inspired homeless shelters and other charitable organizations to team up in order to give a healthy meal to more people who need it the most.

    Siobhan Niamh Igoe / Via Facebook: Bosubodybar

    Sure, they're not the only ones ever to do this, but it's still great that this story has gone viral. Maybe this hype will get more restaurants to do the same!

    The Paley Center for Media / Via

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