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    23 Things You'd Understand Absolutely Well If You Live In Jakarta

    Aah, the joy of living in the capital city of traffic jam. And floods.

    1. It's nearly impossible to cross the road safely.

    2. Traffic jam.

    3. Speaking of vehicles, it's the den of motorcycle.

    4. Jakartans eat all the time.

    5. Street food is always better than 5 star restaurants.

    6. There's plenty of shopping mall, and they're all crowded 24/7

    7. People knows local gossip better than the latest political issue.

    8. Jakartans trust "Tukang Urut" more than hospitals to fix injuries.

    9. Absurd things are bound to happen during elections/national holidays.

    10. We call people fat before we properly greet them and it's socially acceptable.

    11. Annual floods.

    12. Due to the hot weather and pollution, it's uncommon to walk in the city.

    13. New Year's Eve in Bundaran HI is absolutely breathtaking.

    14. Korean boyband copycats.

    15. The pop music culture is rather unique.

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    I mean, seriously.

    16. We make at least 2 twitter worldwide trendings per hour.

    17. Food hype.

    18. The market rivalries are intense.

    19. We have rivers and canals here.

    20. There are designated driveways strictly for city buses.

    21. Cops caught you driving on the bus route? No worries!

    22. For Jakarta's teenagers, selfies are sacred.

    23. Our current governor is a metalhead.

    AND we have a geeky vice-governor.

    Despite of its quirks, floods, and horrible traffics, we love this big city unconditionally.