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Here's What The Last 30 Years Of Election Slogans Look Like

Pick strong leadership so jobs and growth are in safe hands for Australia's future.

2016: Malcolm Turnbull v. Bill Shorten

Labor: We'll Put People First.

Coalition: The Plan For A Strong New Economy.

(The Coalition has also used: "Stick To The Plan - Stability, Jobs, Growth".)

2013: Kevin Rudd v. Tony Abbott

Labor: A New Way For Australia's Future.

Coalition: Choose Real Change: A Stronger Australia, A Better Future.

The Coalition won the 2013 election.

2010: Julia Gillard v. Tony Abbott

Labor: Let’s Move Australia Forward.

Coalition: Stand Up For Australia. Stand Up For Real Action. (We Can’t Afford More Labor.)

There was a hung parliament in 2010, Labor took power after gaining support from the crossbench.

2007: John Howard v. Kevin Rudd

Labor: New Leadership. Fresh Ideas. Kevin 07.

Coalition: Proven Leadership for Australia. Go For Growth.

The Australian Democrats ran under: Bring Back Balance.

Labor won the 2007 election.

2004: John Howard v. Mark Latham

Labor: Opportunity for all Australians. Taking the Pressure Off Families. Ease the Squeeze.

Coalition: Protecting, Securing, Building Australia’s Future. The Howard Government Delivers.

The Coalition campaign also got quite personal with anti-Latham slogans, for example: If You Can't Run a Council, How Can You Run the Country? And, Don’t Take the Risk: Latham Will Squeeze the Fees.

The Coalition won the 2004 election.

2001: John Howard v. Kim Beazley

Labor: A Secure Future for all Australians. That’s What I Stand For.

Coalition: Heading in the Right Direction. Help Keep Australia in Safe Hands.

The Coalition won the 2001 election.

1998: John Howard v. Kim Beazley

Labor: Australia Deserves Better. A Safe and Secure Future for all Australians.

Coalition: For a Stronger Australia. Don’t Go Back to Labor. Australia Can’t Afford It.

The Coalition won the 1998 election.

1996: Paul Keating v. John Howard

Labor: Leadership.

Coalition: For All of Us. Tell Labor It’s Not Good Enough.

The Coalition won the 1996 election.

1993: Paul Keating v. John Hewson

Labor: Australia Deserves Better.

Coalition: Labor's Got to Go. We Can Do It ... Together.

Labor won the 1993 election.

1990: Bob Hawke v. Andrew Peacock

Labor: Bob Hawke for Australia’s Future.

Coalition: The Answer Is Liberal (to which prime minister Bob Hawke quipped: "If the answer is Liberal it must have been a bloody stupid question").

Labor won the 1990 election.

1987: Bob Hawke v. John Howard

Labor: Let’s Stick Together. Let’s See it Through.

Coalition: Get in Front Again.

Labor won the 1987 election.