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Tony Windsor Is A Cheating Boyfriend In Barnaby's Latest Attack Ad

Not this time, Tony!

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The National Party has released an attack ad in which independent candidate for New England, Tony Windsor, is painted as a cheating boyfriend.

The latest Newspoll in New England has deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce just in front of his independent challenger Tony Windsor, with 51% to Windsor's 49%.

Windsor's support has fallen by eight points since March, but there is still a strong swing of around 13.5% predicted away from Joyce.

The ad starts with two women enjoying a coffee in a local cafe, when the blonde woman receives a text and exclaims, "Look, it's Tony again".

The blonde woman is playing the role of "New England", the supposedly cuckolded electorate of Tony Windsor.

The curly haired brunette is ~token best friend who has no character development~.

"Well, it was okay for a time, I guess ... ", Blonde Ex says.

"But he ran off with Julia!" Curly Hair exclaims, i.e. he ran off with Julia Gillard in 2010 and formed a minority government that rekt things.

"Do you miss him?" Curly Hair asks.

"Sometimes ... but things have changed and I've moved on," Blonde Ex replies.

"And you're doing so well without him. How did it end last time?"




"It won't be any different this time," Blonde Ex muses.

Which Curly Hair backs in by adding the classic best friend supporting a dumped friend line: "You can do so much better".

"Plus I don't know how serious he is," Blonde Ex muses. "Sometimes it's like, like he's trying ... "

"To prove a point?" Curly Hair finishes.

Windsor has responded by sending this tweet, which is as shady as all get out.

Joyce & Treloar shd withdraw offensive gutter ad inferring philandering with women. These two should be the last to raise this issue #auspol

BuzzFeed News has asked Windsor what he meant by "These two should be the last to raise this issue (of philandering with women)".

You can watch the full ad here:

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Alice Workman is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Canberra.

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