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31 Times Politicians Didn't Understand The Internet In 2016

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5. How about when immigration minister Peter Dutton had his staff instruct reporters to delete a rather awkward looking photo of him... so the internet memed it.

Peter Dutton wants this photo deleted, so please delete it ASAP! I'll just pin it here so you know which one it is.

8. Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull must have forgotten the internet existed when he ripped off his new three-word slogan from TV show Veep.

12. Malcolm Turnbull roped in the youngest politicians to launch his Snapchat... but he hasn't snapped in six months.

Facebook: video.php

13. When the Liberal party's "plan that worked" included an animated Snapchat lens that the internet trolled the shit out of.

THIS IS HUGE. SNAPCHAT SAYS VOTE LIBERAL. #ausvotes @billshortenmp !?!? @workmanalice


18. Don't forget the time the government asked the internet to name its new Antarctic icebreaker but refused to go with the people's choice.

Hey @AusAntarctic @GregHuntMP, just call the icebreaker Ice Ice Boaty and be done with it

20. There was that time the census website crashed on census night but their Twitter account kept telling people that everything was totally working fine and nothing was terrible at all.


28. When Bob Katter made a video where he appears to shoot and kill two people days after a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida... and got angry at the internet for calling it insensitive and in poor taste.

Perhaps the most wicked campaign ad for 2016?


Alice Workman is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Canberra.

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