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Here Are Jacqui Lambie's Colourful Demands For Malcolm Turnbull's Government

Here are the things the PM will need to deliver to win her support.

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From top secret spy files, to extending the Northern Territory royal commission, a public ban on burqas and dedicated parliamentary seats for Indigenous Australians - Jacqui Lambie has presented her colourful policy wish list to the prime minister.

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The Tasmanian senator met with Malcolm Turnbull last week to outline her demands for the next three years of negotiations.

With the government nine seats shy of the votes it needs to pass legislation in the senate, Lambie has retained her position as a powerbroker on the 11-strong crossbench in the next parliament.

Here are the things the PM will need to deliver to win her support.

1. ASIO files on the beheading threat made to her office.

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A death threat was allegedly made against Lambie and her staff in 2015 by Islamic terrorists. It was investigated by the AFP who found there was insufficient evidence to prosecute.

"The AFP indicated to me that there was no risk to my life or my staff's lives. However ... ASIO confirmed that they are watching 190 active supporters of ISIS in Australia and an undercover journalist discovered a terrorism threat within Tasmania (4 Islamic “Brothers” under the orders of notorious ISIS terrorist and former Australian resident Neil Prakash)."

Lambie wants to see the top secret spy files on her, and wants the government to guarantee that no terrorism threat exists against her.

"I’m also concerned that a serious death threat can be made against an Australian Senator and her staff – and no one is charged or held to account, despite DNA evidence being available."

2. An expansion of the royal commission into the Northern Territory juvenile justice system.

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Lambie wants the royal commission into the Northern Territory's juvenile justice system expanded to include Tasmania's Ashley Youth Detention Centre.

She's asking for the performance and record of the centre to be examined to rule out any abuse of inmates.

But before that can happen, she thinks whistleblower protection should be stronger to encourage people to come forward and expose corrupt behaviour.

3. Involuntary detox laws to battle the ice epidemic.

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Lambie wants a law change to give parents the ability to involuntarily detox their children. If such a law existed, she would have used it to put her son Dylan into rehab last year when he was addicted to ice.

She also wants the government to fund a "mums and bubs" zero tolerance detox and rehab centre in Tasmania which would allow mums to keep their children with them while they detox.


4. Exemptions for people who possess protected identity status from filling out the census.

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"Can the PM give a guarantee that special service veterans, police officers, former judiciary and people given witness protection – that their safety will not be compromised by the new census laws?"

5. A fulfilment of the 21 promises, worth $3.138 billion, the government made to Tasmanians during the election campaign.

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This includes $2 billion in funding for Tasmanian hospitals over the next four years, and $150 million for relocation and expansion of the northern University of Tasmania campuses.

Lambie wants a timeline for these promises to be delivered.

6. A royal commission into defence abuse and veterans' welfare, and changes to the "gold" health card for vets.

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The veteran suicide rate is growing weekly but the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) refuses to keep data on the number of former Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel who have taken their own lives.

She wants the government to back her private members bill to extend the benefits of the gold health card for vets.

"Their fight with DVA to access the medical benefits of a health gold card has caused a lot of unnecessary harm and led to their suicides. The simple solution is for a health gold card to be automatically granted to those who have served in war and war like places."

The former corporal wants a royal commission into defence abuse and veterans’ welfare and thinks national service should be compulsory for young people.


8. Retention of the School Kids Bonus and Family Tax Benefits.

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"Cutting the schools bonus means 60,000 Tasmanian children will lose [out]. This will cause significant hardship to about 34,000 parents and economic loss to Tasmanian businesses," she says.

9. Reversal of the $12 billion in aged care cuts.

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These will cut $40 million and 750 jobs from the Tasmanian aged care sector over the next four years, she says.

Instead of making cuts to aged care, Lambie proposes cutting foreign aid by $25 billion over 10 years and redirecting the funding to pensioners.

10. A "financial transactions tax" and a "high frequency share traders" tax.

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"Between $1.4 to $2 billion a year (or up to $20 billion in 10 years) could be raised if a tax was levied on the six high frequency share trading companies' business," Lambie claims.

ASIC won't release the names of these high frequency traders so Lambie also wants a briefing to identify the companies.

11. $5.3 million to scuttle former navy ship HMAS Tobruk on the North-East coast of Tasmania.

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St Helen on the North-East coast of Tamania has been working for three years to have ex-HMAS Tobruk relocated to its waters and scuttled.

Tasmania is the only state that does not have an ex-Navy ship as a dive site.


12. A solution to the milk price crisis that is affecting 40% of diary farmers.

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Milk prices hit the news a few months ago when it was revealed Murray Goulburn planned to slash the price it pays farmers for milk to below the cost of production.

Lambie wants the government to compensate farmers so fresh milk suppliers don't go out of business.

13. A ban on anyone who practises sharia law entering Australia.

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Lambie wants everyone who enters the country to be vetted on whether they support sharia law.

She agrees with One Nation on banning the burqa and has called for a reintroduction of the death penalty for citizens who leave the country to become foreign fighters.

14. Dedicated parliamentary seats for Indigenous Australians.

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The Senator, who claimed in her maiden speech last week that she was related to a prominent Aboriginal resistance leader of north-eastern Tasmania, wants dedicated seats in Parliament for Indigenous Australians, similar to the system in New Zealand.