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Jacqui Lambie Wants Exactly 190 People Arrested In Response To Brussels Attacks

The Tassie senator says it's time to "get serious".

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In the wake of the terror attack in Brussels, Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie wants the 190 Aussie citizens on the terrorist watch list arrested and charged with treason or sedition.

"My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the latest terrorist attack in Brussels," Senator Lambie told BuzzFeed News the morning after the twin attacks in Belgium.

As an ex-army corporal, Senator Lambie says she acknowledges the bravery and courage of the police, army and emergency services, who run towards the sound of terror.

She now wants Australia's spy agency to "get serious" and start using security laws to target would-be terrorists at home.

During Senate Estimates in February, ASIO confirmed there are 190 people in Australia who have been labeled as "terrorist supporters" and are being monitored for suspicious activity.

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"In the light of the Brussels bombings...if ASIO has 190 Australians on their official terrorist watch list - and have evidence of those people assisting terrorists - then why only watch them?" Senator Lambie said.


The senator wants anyone on a terrorist watch list to be arrested and charged with serious crimes, and let them have their day in court. This, Lambie says, would show the world Australia is serious about fighting terror.

She argues that by allowing them to live in the community, there's a risk of further terrorist activity on Australian soil.

"Is Australia less safe if we simply watch these traitors," Senator Lambie told BuzzFeed News. "The Sydney Cafe terrorist was being watched by ASIO - and that turned out to be a disaster and a tragedy."

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Senator Lambie also wants to know the cost to taxpayers of watching the 190 Australians on the terrorist watch list. She has previously asked ASIO during Senate Estimates, but has never been given a response.

"I want to know why the Turnbull government is covering up the cost of watching these 190 Australians who are supporting our enemies."

"It's probably shitloads of money."