12 Aussie MPs With The Worst Voting Records On The Environment

    Meet the "Dirty Dozen".

    The so-called 'Dirty Dozen' list of Australian politicians with the worst environmental track records has just been released and it's not pretty.

    13. Zed Seselja

    12. Craig Kelly

    11. Cory Bernardi

    10. Eric Abetz

    9. Barnaby Joyce

    8. Dennis Jensen

    7. Kevin Andrews

    6. Peter Dutton

    But he ranks high on the list for this amazing moment. Remember when he was caught joking about climate change drowning Pacific Islands?


    5. Gary Gray

    4. David Leyonhjelm

    And his language on social media is ~fruity~.

    Legitimate fuckwit. Not even funny. https://t.co/raAk1lEF2P

    3. George Christensen

    2. Tony Abbott


    George Christensen is a Star Trek fan and a Dr Who fanatic — not a Star Wars fan, like an earlier version of this post stated. Live long and prosper.