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The Erotic Fiction That Brought Down A Liberal MP

#auspol erotic fan fic just got a whole lot steamier.

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You might remember Dr Jensen for his previous comments comparing Aboriginal Australians in remote communities to "noble savages".

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Jensen said he agreed with former prime minister Tony Abbott, who once called the decision by some Indigenous Australians to live in remote communities a "lifestyle choice", that the Turnbull government should not be responsible for funding.

He's blamed his huge preselection loss on "dirty tricks" by people "trashing his reputation." And like a grown-up, when faced with the need to vent all about it, he decided to go on Sky News and fire shots.

Dennis Jensen tells @David_Speers his reputation amongst Christian voters was damaged due to ‘salacious’ reports

The first published extracts from a novel he wrote called "Sky Warriors" which containing some pretty graphic sex scenes.

The book is a political war thriller, about a fictional war between Australia and coalition of China and Indonesia.

Jensen claims he doesn't even remember submitting the book to a publisher, using his political letterhead in 2007. "I apparently submitted the book to a publisher nine years ago. As I said at the time, I didn't recall submitting it."

And The Australian's story was "simply a way of getting some salacious stuff into the media."

The second article Jensen had a problem with was titled "New Chapter as Jensen leaves family home" and suggested he'd left his family home to shack up with his new girlfriend.

Jensen labelled the article as "blatantly untrue", because he's been living in the southern suburb of Halls Head since his ex-wife left him in 2014, and the family home was sold in 2015.

He said the journalist Andrew Burrell didn't make any attempt to contact him about it and suggested his opponents had fed the story to The Australian to damage him in the eyes of Christian voters.

He told Sky News those two article would have been "extremely damaging" to his Christian supporters, and "clearly a lot of votes dropped away as a result of that."

So he's decided to sue the paper for defamation.

On Monday he lodged a writ with the WA Supreme Court.

Finally, Jensen revealed he would not run as an independent and this is the end of his political career. But fingers crossed, not his literary one.