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These Teens Met The Prime Minister, Then Snapchatted A Penis On His Face

"He’s only here for 15 minutes, he’s just blowing in and blowing out like a deadshit parent."

Nikki Dennis (second right) and Indy Marshall (far right) met the prime minister when he visited the North Lake YMCA in Brisbane on the first day of the election campaign.

Alice Workman/BuzzFeed

The YMCA vocational school that the teens attend is in the seat of Petrie, the most marginal Coalition seat in the country on 0.5 per cent.

This probably isn’t the last time they’ll be visited by politicians this election campaign.

So they decided to snap a protest video … and draw a penis on his face.

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The girls told BuzzFeed News they were annoyed the PM's office had handpicked positive people for him to talk to on his whirlwind visit.

This kid got the "jobs and growth" memo. #ausvotes

“He’s only here for 15 minutes, he’s just blowing in and blowing out like a deadshit parent,” Indy told BuzzFeed News.

Alice Workman/BuzzFeed

The prime minister, flanked by local MP Luke Howarth, was visiting the YMCA to spruik the government's PaTH employment program, which includes low-paid internships.

"He could have at least hung around and spoken to all the kids here and heard all their problems," Indy said.

The girls acknowledged that youth unemployment is a big problem in Brisbane, but wondered why they would get paid more stacking shelves or working at KFC than they would on the government's PaTH program.

While not particularly interested in politics, Nikki and Indy said cuts to schools funding and legalising same-sex marriage were the most important issues for them this election.

But both said they'd vote for anyone who legalised marijuana. #420

Alice Workman is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Canberra.

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