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18 British Doughnuts You Must Eat Before You Die

Go nuts for doughnuts.

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1. Doughnut Bites at You Doughnut, KERB, London

You Dougnut / Via

Crispy, light golden balls of joy. Street foodies You Doughnuts serve artisan bites that are so spectacularly moreish, your stomach will easy let you forget you've eaten three pots of 'em. Order another, eat, repeat.

2. Beef Doughnut at The Feastie Boys, Bristol

The Feastie Boys / Via

Behold, the beef doughnut. Beef shin and ale stew wrapping doughnut doughy goodness, powdered with shitake mushroom and paprika sprinkles. Finally we can justify having doughnuts for dinner.


5. Ox Cheek Doughnut with Apricot Jam at Duck & Waffle, London

Duck & Waffle / Via

Venture 40 floors up to try Dan Doherty's spicy ox cheek doughnut at Duck & Waffle, served with apricot jam and paprika sugar. A party in the mouth we're telling you.


9. Katsu Curry Doughnut at The Hole Donut, London

The Hole Donuts / Via

Bow down to the East London genius who created the katsu curry doughnut. Our two favourite things rolled into one spicy snack, topped with panko breadcrumbs, handmade with love in Hackney.

12. Crème Brûlée Doughnut at Dum Dum Donutterie, London

Dum Dum Donuterrie / Via

Self proclaimed as "the best doughnuts in the world", Dum Dum Dounutterie's goods are baked not fried, thus healthy. Their crème brûlée doughnut is outta this world kinda good, covered in a crunch caramel glaze and piped to the brim with vanilla cream . Go forth and try.


15. Salted Caramel Doughut at Bread Ahead, London

Bread Ahead / Via

If doughnuts for you are all about the filling, go to Bread Ahead and stock up. These guys' 'nuts are so generously piped, the creamy, wondrous fillings are all squidging out over the outsides.

The Salted Caramel Doughnut is worthy of a pilgrimage, full of salted caramel crème and finished with shards of homemade honeycomb.

16. Fudge Doughnut at Fisher & Donaldson, Dundee

Fisher & Donaldson / Via

With an admirable loyal following, Fisher & Donaldson's "famous" fudge doughnut has garnered quite the cult following. It's no wonder, just look at that thick fudge glaze and creamy custard filling.