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    18 Kind Of Strange Things Everyone Starts Doing When They Move To Leeds

    "God's own county" is pretty damn special.

    1. Realise you’ve been eating chips wrong your whole life.

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    Hello, gravy.

    2. Accept that “flower”, “petal”, and “love” are gender-neutral terms.

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    And expect to hear them at least eight times each on a trip to Kirgate Market.

    3. Begin finding it really weird to see a Maccy D's at 3am without a queue.

    4. Learn that those little alleyways between the houses you’ve been walking down are called ginnels.

    5. Carry your sofa out of the living room and into the street as soon as the sun comes out.

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    6. Acknowledge that “Leeds” is a positive adjective among locals.

    7. And that it's not a bread roll: It's a bap, cob, batch, or barm.

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    8. Question that big, giant, rusty building that kind of looks like a pile of shit.

    9. Pretend cold weather doesn’t exist.

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    10. Know you’re not a student any more when you have reasons to go to Chapel Allerton.

    11. And know that you’ve made it when you get your coffee from Laynes in the morning.

    Flickr: samsaunders / Creative Commons / Via

    And if you've really made it, a peanut butter blondie too.

    12. Spend hours of your life lost in the Brotherton library.

    Flickr: jodcol / Creative Commons

    Why does every door and corridor look the same!?

    13. And wander round the Victorian Quarter aimlessly every Saturday.

    Flickr: 128012202@N05 / Creative Commons

    Before going to buy all your essentials in the pound shop on Lands Lane.

    14. Spend every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Headrow House.

    15. Embrace the rivalry between Leeds Met and Leeds Uni.

    United Artists

    But really, actually, unless you play sport, you don't give a shit.

    16. Consider a group of grannies downing pints to be totally, completely normal.

    17. On that note, when you see someone smeared in blue paint at midday on a Sunday, you know they had a good night.

    18. And finally, consider fish and chips to be a totally legit — if not gourmet — dinner choice.

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