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17 Leeds Fries You Must Eat Before You Die

Not just any deep fried spuds.

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3. Triple Cooked Chips at Shears Yard

Not once. Not twice. But three times fried for extra, extra, extra deliciousness. Shears Yard's triple-cooked treats are worth every single calorie.

4. Skin On Fries at Five Guys

Choose between cajun and regular. Revel in HUGE portions. And don't hold back. Five Guys' skin-on skinnies arrived in England for a reason: they were too good to only stay in America.


5. Session Fries at Patty Smith’s, Belgrave Music Hall

Skin-on fries with smoked pancetta, Pecorino, rosemary, Sriracha mayo and pickled chillies. These guys are Holy heaven. And worth every penny of £5.75.


11. Perfect Chippie Chips at Wetherby Whaler

Perfect. Prime. Pretty epic really. The chip shop chips you've spent your whole life searching for.

12. Chunky Wedges at The Midnight Bell

The most superior chunky mother f*ckers in Leeds. Anything on the menu here is worthy of your time and money, so long as it comes with these guys.


13. Philly Fries at The Pit

A Philadelphian carb staple done excellently in Leeds at The Pit: Fries, smothered in sweet onions, mushrooms, pulled brisket, jalapeno peppers and Monterey Jack cheese

15. Skin On Chips at Grill On The Square

Piping hot, skin-on beasts of greatness, served in a mini frying basket

17. Proper Chippie Chips at The Fisherman's Wife

No messing, just chip-shop style chips. £1.39 for a cone? That's dinner sorted, every night of the week.