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    21 Revolutionary Beauty Products From Sephora Canada That Are All $25 Or Less

    None of them are minis!

    1. A Rare Beauty liquid eyeliner pen that'll help you achieve a cat eye that's sharp as a knife (thanks, Selena). The staying power is pretty impressive, too — like, you could definitely cry through The Notebook and not have to deal with smudging.

    2. A Buxom matte lip liner pencil with a chisel-tip that you can use to both line and fill in your pout. It has a built-in blending brush on the opposite end that you can use to buff out harsh lines (unless you're all about the '90s visible liner look).

    Several liners in a pile

    3. A Cheekbone Beauty eyeshadow pencil that reviewers say is pigmented as heck. The super creamy formula involves a healthy dose of coconut oil, so it'll keep your lids hydrated and happy, too.

    A smiling person wearing vibrant eyeshadow on their eyes

    4. A Fenty Skin cleansing bar you can use all over your bod (yes, even on your face). It's packed with coconut and baobab oils, plus shea and cocoa butters to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth.

    A person holding the cleansing bar

    5. An Anastasia Beverly Hills brow touch-up pencil so you can erase any mistakes you make with your brow pencil or gel. This multipurpose gem ain't just a one-trick pony — you can also use it to highlight the high points of your face and as a base for eyeshadows.

    A person applying the product beneath their eyebrow

    6. A tub of Mario Badescu silver powder that'll suck the gross stuff right out of your pores and banish blackheads to another dimension. It's made of natural ingredients, including kaolin clay, zinc oxide, and calcium carbonate that'll help shrink the appearance of your pores and mattify your complexion.

    7. A bottle of COLOR WOW blow-dry spray that'll strengthen your hair, protect it from heat, and have you spending less time with your hair dryer. Reviewers say that it's cut their drying time in half and that the scent is downright dreamy.

    a bottle of the colour wow blow dry spray

    8. A bottle of The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% solution that'll keep breakouts at bay and leave your skin less oily. If pimples tend to pop up around your period, consider this your new knight in shining armour.

    9. A tube of Saie highlighter if you wanna shine with the light of a thousand suns, but don't wanna look greasy. It's made with marshmallow root extract to reduce redness and jojoba esters to keep your skin lookin' nourished and ✨glowy✨ .

    A person wearing the highlighter on their cheek

    10. A bottle of Blume face wash formulated with rapeseed oil, chamomile, and shiitake mushroom extract to soothe irritation and strengthen your skin barrier. Reviewers say it's 💯 for people who suffer from rosacea and love that it doesn't leave their visages feeling stripped or dry.

    The bottle of cleanser surrounded by glasses

    11. An Item Beauty brow pencil if your sparse face caterpillars are ruining your vibe. Its star features are its chisel tip, smudgeproof formula, and itty-bitty built-in paddle brush.

    A person holding the brow pencil

    12. A tube of Tarte lip mask that doubles as a tinted gloss. It's made with avocado, jojoba, and argan oils, plus hyaluronic acid for extra-hydrating results.

    Three people with swatches of product on their arms

    13. A tube of The Ordinary lash and brow serum if your tiniest hairs could use a lil' encouragement in the growth department. Reviewers love that the formula is non-greasy and say that it helped fill in bald patches, too.

    Melina holding the open serum

    14. A bottle of Verb Ghost Oil that'll strengthen your locks and minimize frizz. It's thicker than most hair serums and will deliver some serious hydrating results with just a few pumps.

    15. A tube of Huda Beauty mascara topcoat that'll magically make any non-waterproof mascara splash- and tear-proof. Reviewers say it also stops their mascara from flaking, which is a huge plus, IMO.

    The mascara top coat surrounded by droplets of water

    16. An Item Beauty cream blush that goes on dewy, but finishes like a powder, giving you 🎶the best of both worlds🎶. You can also use it on your lips for a lil' pop of colour if you want a monochomatic lewk.

    17. A tube of Rare Beauty concealer that'll trick people into thinking you got a full night of sleep, even when you're battling insomnia (it me). Reviewers say it blends like a dream and that it actually sticks around all day.

    A person before and after using the concealer

    18. A Cheekbone Beauty gloss that'll bless your pout with both colour and hydration. Reviewers say it's thick and moisturizing without being sticky, and love that it doesn't have a taste or lasting scent.

    A person holding their hands under their chin wearing the lipstick

    19. A double-sided beautyblender puff that you can use to powder, blot, and bake with the greatest of ease. Use the fluffy pink side for application and the smooth tan side to buff out imperfections.

    The puff inside a tub of translucent powder

    20. A bottle of Mario Badescu drying lotion that'll zap zits like none other. It even works wonders on cystic acne and tough, under-the-skin spots.

    The bottle of drying lotion on a starry backdrop

    21. And finally, a Tower 28 lip jelly if you're tired of the matte lip trend and prefer the look of a plumper, juicier pout. The formula is oil based, meaning you won't have to deal with the dreaded stickiness of a traditional gloss.

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