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    33 Random And Useful Things That Are Just Begging To Be Added To Your Cart

    They're brilliant and I want all of them.

    1. A ring-shaped lamp that'll add a lil' pizzazz to your boring bedside table or desk. You can choose from a ton of lighting effects and colours with a quick click of the remote, making it easy to switch up the ambiance in your room.

    The light on a table beside a laptop

    2. A banana salt and pepper shaker set that'll be an adorable addition to any table spread. They stack together so they'll save you a bit of space, too.

    3. A canvas tote bag that's big enough to hold your textbooks and computer. It has a zippered interior pocket that you can keep your go-to items (like your phone and keys) easily accessible.

    4. A pack of people-shaped lid lifters that'll keep your pasta water from bubbling over. If you sit them on their booties, you can also use them as phone and tablet mounts.

    A lid lifter holding a lid ajar

    5. An Apple Watch stand that looks like your favourite '90s gadget. You'll still be able to use your touchscreen through the cutout and it's made of flexible silicone so you won't need to worry about it damaging your device.

    A person holding the stand with an Apple Watch in it

    6. A toilet paper holder that you can attach to your wall, saving you floor space in your shoebox bathroom. It even has a lil' tray on the top that you can use to hold your stuff while you do your business.

    The holder with toilet paper and a book on it

    7. A trio of rose quartz facial tools so you can give yourself a spa-level massage. They'll help de-puff your skin, release tension, and make you feel super luxe in the process.

    The three tools in their box

    8. A pack of orange hot chocolate that you'll want to serve at all your autumnal events. It has a hint of orange so if you love mixing citrus with cocoa, you'll probably be obsessed with this.

    9. A pack of silicone wine stoppers that'll keep your vino fresh until the last drop. You can even use them to plug oil and vinegar bottles if their caps go MIA.

    Four stoppers in front of a glass of wine

    10. A sleek MVMT watch that'll go with any outfit. Plus, since your phone is always dying, you'll never be stuck not knowing what time it is.

    A person wearing the watch with two other bracelets

    11. A two-pack of classic Roots cabin socks that'll keep your feet toasty warm. Reviewers love how soft they are and say a single pair has lasted them years.

    A person wearing the socks with boots on a dock

    12. A six-pack of lined to-do list whiteboards that'll magically cling to any shiny surface, from your fridge to your windows. They'll save you from buying paper notepads and make you a little less wasteful, too.

    A person writing on a to-do list with a marker

    13. A microfibre hair towel that'll dry your tresses quicker than a regular towel so you won't give up and end up using your blow dryer. It has a button closure so it'll stay firmly in place while you go through your routine.

    14. An oversized mug with a spoon that fits neatly into its handle so you can stir your cuppa as you please.

    The mug on a table

    15. A snuffle mat that'll turn mealtime into a bit of challenge and stop your dog from eating their kibble at lightning speed (and then puking it onto your carpet). It has a clear treat ball that your pet will have to bop around to get to their snacks.

    16. An embroidered skillet handle cover that'll keep your digits and palms safe from the wrath of hot pans. It'll also save you from putting on oven mitts to flip a pancake or toss your asparagus.

    The skillet handle cover on a skillet

    17. A three-pack of foot peel masks that'll make you shed your dead skin like a snake. They're formulated with honey and olive oil so they'll leave your tootsies feeling softer than ever.

    A person holding a foot peel mask in its package

    18. A bottle of truffle-infused hot sauce because you probably have a refined palate now that you're a grown-up. It's the perfect blend of heat, sweetness, and decadence, making it a triple threat condiment.

    A person holding the bottle of hot sauce in front of a toaster and plants

    19. A citrus-shaped pill case that might actually make you excited to take your vitamins because it's so dang cute. It has sections for each day of the week so you'll know exactly when to take each dose.

    20. A memory foam massage mat that'll take you to relaxation station by kneading out your entire bod and keeping you toasty warm. Reviewers say it's their secret weapon for back pain and love that they can customize their massages by using the remote.

    A person lying on the massage mat on their couch

    21. A pair of Gore-Tex fabric patches that'll help you repair your priciest camping gear and jackets. There's no sewing required — simply peel off their backings, smack them over any rips or tears, and apply pressure and/or heat to adhere them.

    A person blow drying a patch onto a jacket

    22. A tube of Maybelline lip gloss that'll smooth out fine lines and make your pout shine. It's formulated with hyaluronic acid so it'll banish that sandpaper-y feeling, too.

    A person holding the tube of lip gloss in front of a cityscape

    23. A time-marked water bottle that'll encourage you to drink more H2O and keep you hydrated all day long. It comes with a removable filter so you can infuse your water with fruits and veggies and not worry about gulping down any seeds.

    Five water bottles on a table outside

    24. A tub of body exfoliating pads that are packed with AHA, BHA, and witch hazel to help keep skin irritations at bay. Whether you're dealing with a nasty case of razor bumps or have hyperpigmentation you want to tackle, these are bound to come in handy.

    The tub of pads on a table

    25. A pack of arrow-shaped bookmarks that'll allow you to point to the exact line you left off on so you'll never lose your place again. They're magnetic, meaning you won't need to worry about them sliding around or falling out like paper alternatives.

    Several bookmarks in a book and several laid out beside it

    26. A ribbed beanie that'll keep your noggin warm all fall and winter. It'll also help hide your unwashed roots if you're having a less-than-great hair day (a win-win in my book).

    A person wearing a beanie, sweater, and jacket

    27. A triple-decker towel rack that'll give you (and everyone who lives with you) a place to hang their towel post shower. It'll hook onto the the top of your door so you won't have to make any major renovations to install it.

    Two towels on the rack

    28. A mint green WetBrush that's infused with tea tree oil and will leave your hair shiny, smooth, and much more manageable. The tiny, densely-packed bristles are designed to minimize pain and combat breakage so you won't need to worry about pulling out your tresses as you detangle them.

    A person holding the WetBrush in front of a flower bush

    29. A colour-safe precision stain stick that'll save you from having to leave your house wearing a splotch-covered shirt. The tip has little gel nubs that'll help massage in the product, ensuring it soaks deep into fabric fibres.

    A stain-removing gel stick

    30. An adhesive soap dish that'll carve out some space on your cluttered countertop. It has a slit in the top that'll allow soapy water to drain into your shower or a sink below, keeping scummy messes from forming underneath your bars.

    A bar of soap in the dish

    31. A memory foam pillow that'll give you a cushy and comfortable place to rest your head at night. It has a perforated bamboo core that'll promote airflow and keep your sleeping situation odour-free.

    The pillow on a bed

    32. A pack of glass straws that'll save you from having to mess with paper or plastic ones again. It comes with four bent straws and four straight straws so you can choose what suits your beverages best.

    One straight straw in a glass of water and one bent straw in a glass of water

    33. An adjustable wall-mounted pantry organizer that'll keep your countless jars of herbs, spices, and dry goods in order. It can be used as a giant five-tier rack or separated into two pieces if you prefer to spread out your storage.

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