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    If You're A Bit Of A Basic Witch, You Probably Need These 25 Things In Your Life

    Forever feelin' spooky.

    1. A tombstone stake that'll give your plant baby a spine-tingling makeover. Heck, if you order a few you could turn your herb garden into a full-blown cemetery (let's face it, you always forget to water your basil so it'll probably be resting in peace soon, anyway).

    2. A mini waffle maker that'll have you creating spooky lil' breakfast delights. It'll sear a skull right into your batter, leaving you with a masterpiece that's much more hardcore than a traditional flapjack.

    Several skull waffles next to the machine

    3. A ghost candle that'll give your mantle a ghoulish upgrade. If you want to get an altar going, you may want to add the palmistry and cat skull styles to your cart, too.

    A person lighting the ghost candle on a pile of books

    4. The Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark trilogy that'll remind you of your childhood and give you some serious chills before you hit the hay. From straight-up horror stories to supernatural tales, these cover it all.

    The book on a table illuminated by a candle

    5. A palm reader jewellery stand that'll give all your baubles a mystical place to call home. Plus, it'll teach you a thing or two about the art of reading head lines and heart lines.

    The palm reader jewelry stand with various pieces of jewelry on it

    6. A severed finger toy if your cat loves creepy stuff as much as you do. It's filled with organic catnip so your four-legged friend is guaranteed to be obsessed with it.

    7. A pack of Halloween-y nail decals that'll help you get into nail art without having to be a pro with a brush. They're also small enough that they'll let your mani peek through underneath so you can pair them with your favourite colour of polish.

    8. A Hocus Pocus puzzle that'll give you something to do besides binge-watch scary movies on Netflix. Not only will it pry your eyes away from screens for a hot sec, but it'll leave you with some new artwork to display.

    The puzzle with its pieces spilling out onto a table

    9. A skull ice mould tray that'll make your chilled beverages look cooler than ever. They're also larger than normal ice cubes so they won't melt into your beverages in, like, five seconds.

    10. A Beetlejuice-inspired keychain that'll remind you of the Maitlands every time you go to open your front door.

    The keychain on a wooden table

    11. A vegan leather convertible backpack that looks like a bat and will be your new go-to bag for fall. The wings can be snapped off so you can turn it into a black cat if you prefer feline energy.

    12. An Ouija planchette necklace that'll add some creepy flair to any ensemble. It'll also come in handy if you're dressing up as a witch (or something close to a witch) for Halloween.

    a necklace with a Ouija pendant that says "Goodbye"

    13. A coffin-shaped serving board that'll make your display of cheeses and fruit (or potion ingredients) look drop dead gorgeous. It's waterproof, heatproof, and stain-resistant so you won't need to stress about it getting destroyed by soap suds or a particularly hot cauldron.

    Two coffin boards with various witchy supplies on top of them

    14. A wall tapestry of two skeletons locking lips that'll jazz up that boring wall behind your bed or get your living room Halloween-ready.

    The tapestry above a bed

    15. A witchy silver spoon that you can use to stir your potions (or tea).

    The spoon next to a cup of tea

    16. A copy of The Spell Book for New Witches that'll have you mastering divination, charms, and more. Whether you want to conjure money, love, or health, this will (hopefully) help you reach your goals by mystical means.

    17. A lol-worthy crewneck sweater if you like your spooky stuff on the cuter side. Its super soft and cozy so it'll help ward off those fall chills, too.

    A person wearing the sweatshirt with jeans

    18. A ceramic mug with a creepy lil' spider pal at the bottom that'll give whichever lucky guest you serve it to a scare. Reviewers love the quality and say it's assisted them in many pranks.

    A person holding a mug with a spider revealed under their coffee

    19. A truly terrifying colouring book that'll keep you entertained as you shade in intricate (and scary) images.

    20. A glass ghost straw that'll haunt your tumbler and make drinking your beveraginos a spookier experience. It'll glow under blacklight, making it a lot cooler than the single-use alternatives you usually get with your iced coffees.

    21. An oversized graphic tee dress if you want to show your love for teen witch dramas that aren't Sabrina. 'Some ’90s nostalgia plus a bit of spookiness? Sign me the heck up.

    22. A copy of The Antique Anatomy Tarot Kit that'll help you figure out what's in store for your future. It comes with a guidebook so you won't have to be a seasoned pro to use it.

    23. A pair of bloody knife earrings that'll be a *killer* addition to any look.

    A person holding the two dangly knife earrings

    24. A trio of apothecary bottles that come with vintage-inspired poison labels for a Halloween-worthy twist. You could them as decor or as serving jugs for your own wicked brews.

    Three bottles on a wooden board next to a crow

    25. And finally, a beer can glass that you'll want to drink all your iced pumpkin spiced lattes from.

    A person holding up the glass filled with paper squiggles

    You after ordering everything on this list:

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