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    37 Random And Rad Things You Won't Regret Adding To Your Cart

    My sincerest apologies to your credit card.

    1. A tiny clip bag that's the perfect size for your headphones or hand sanitizer. It comes with a rose gold clip, so you can easily attach it to your bag or keyring.

    2. An anchor-shaped prop that'll hold your novel or textbook open, so you'll never lose your place. It's also flat enough to be used as a bookmark when you're ready to stop reading.

    An anchor book prop holding a book open

    3. A pair of grooved stacking mats that'll help you organize your cans and bottles without any extra packaging. Reviewers say they're especially great for keeping their fridges organized and love that they keep their beverages from tumbling out every time they want to grab a drink.

    Fifteen cans stacked in a pyramid on the stacking mat

    4. A magnetic 2-in-1 meal planner pad and grocery list that'll make sorting out what to buy and cook an actual breeze, so you won't end up giving up and ordering takeout (again). It's got a perforated line down the centre, which makes it easy to tear off your grocery list to take with you.

    A person ripping off their completed grocery list from the planner pad

    5. A set of stackable jewelry organizers that'll keep your tiny treasures from getting tangled. You can spread them out in a drawer or stack them together to save space.

    Several pieces of jewellery in the boxes

    6. A handy wireless charging station that'll juice up all your gadgets while you study or snooze. Reviewers love that it can be split into two pieces, so they can charge their phone separately from their other devices.

    A phone, watch, and earbuds on the charging station

    7. A pair of slipper booties that'll keep your feet from getting frosty when you're hanging out at home. They have a fluffy lining, memory foam insoles, and grippy rubber treads that'll save you from sliding all over your hardwood.

    8. A stepped pantry organizer that'll keep all your bottles and jars visible, so you won't need to take everything out to get at the sauce or seasoning you need. The shelves are topped with a non-slip material that'll keep things from toppling over.

    Several jars and bottles on the organizer

    9. A tube of revolutionary peel-off eyebrow tattoo gel that'll save you from spending an hour drawing on individual hairs with a pencil. It’ll tint your brows for up to three days, so you won’t have to repeat the process every morning. Plus, it's a lot cheaper than microblading.

    10. A pack of foldable boot inserts that'll keep your footwear from slouching over in storage. They have little loops at the top, making them easy to hang in your closet, if you don't any spare space on your shoe rack.

    11. A sleek lil' mini fridge that your can use to store your snacks or your skincare. It can also be used as a warmer with the flip of a switch, so you can use it to keep your takeout toasty, too.

    Skincare inside the mini fridge

    12. A pack of peel-and-stick tile sheets that'll help you give your kitchen or bathroom a makeover, without a ton of effort. They're resistant to heat and moisture, meaning they won't budge when you're cooking up a storm or soaking in a hot tub.

    A kitchen back splash covered in the tile sheets

    13. An ultra-soft avocado-themed duvet cover set that'll give your boring bedroom a bit of personality. It comes with two pillowcases, so your whole sleeping situation will be covered in adorable fruit illustrations.

    The duvet cover and shams on a bed

    14. A small, but mighty space heater that's petite enough to fit under your desk or on your bedside table. Reviewers say it can warm up an entire room within minutes and that it works its magic without making a peep.

    A person walking by the space heater on the floor of a living room

    15. A bottle of yoga mat cleaner that'll help you cleanse your workout gear post practice. It's made from all-natural ingredients, like tea tree, lavender, and peppermint oil, that'll disinfect your mat and leave is smelling fresh.

    The bottle of spray on a palm leaf

    16. A pack of waterproof makeup-removing pads that'll gently cleanse your lids and lashes, so you'll never go to sleep in full glam again. Reviewers say they don't irritate their sensitive skin and love that they don't leave behind any gross residue.

    Several tubs of waterproof makeup remover pads

    17. A Bodum electric kettle with an ultra-slim spout that'll save you from spilling hot water all over your countertop. You can also use it to water denser greenery, if you have trouble getting to the soil with a wide-mouthed watering can.

    A person pouring water into the kettle

    18. A heat-resistant hair tool mat that'll save your countertops and keep your straighteners and curlers from rolling around. It's made of non-slip material, so you won't accidentally knock it off your sink.

    A curling iron on the mat

    19. A bottle of intense nail treatment that'll help your talons grow long and strong, so you won't have to keep covering them up with acrylics. It protects against cracking, braking and splitting, and will make your nails feel smoother, too.

    A person applying a coat of the intense nail treatment to their nails

    20. An ice cube tray that'll create frosty little smooches for your drinks. You can also use it for moulding soap or Jell-O shots, if that's more your style.

    Kiss-shaped cubes in the tray next to a cocktail

    21. A fancy face mask made of silky, antibacterial material. Reviewers say it's a lifesaver for anyone suffering from maskne.

    22. An herb-growing kit, so you can stop overspending in the produce section. It comes with cute 'n' colourful Mason jars that'll look great on your counter or windowsill.

    Three jars of herbs on top of a magazines

    23. An adorable mermaid Pusheen AirPods Pro case that'll keep your headphones from getting bashed around in your bag. It's compatible with wireless chargers, so you won't even need to remove it to juice up your battery.

    The case next to a pair of earbuds

    24. A pack of Taylor Swift vinyl stickers that'll help you show some love the Folklore album. You can use them to personalize everything from your water bottle to your laptop.

    The stickers laid out on a cardigan

    25. A bamboo utensil organizer that'll keep your cutlery organized and looking 💯. It has a built-in knife block, so you won't have to worry about accidentally stabbing yourself when you're rifling around.

    Several knives, forks, and spoons inside the organizer

    26. An eco-friendly case that'll keep your toothbrush from collecting germs in your toiletry bag. The environmentally-friendly material is a lot easier on Mother Nature than plastic alternatives.

    27. A magnetic key rack that'll conveniently stick to anything made of metal and help you organize your entryway, without adding a big ol' console table. The tiny tray at the top is the perfect spot for essentials like sunglasses and lip balm.

    28. A 24-pack of leather cable organizers to organize all those wires and doodads that are currently floating around your junk drawer. They're a lot more effective than rubber bands and zip ties, and look a lot more stylish, too.

    Several cord ties laid out on a book, some are attached to cables

    29. A NYX matte liquid liner pen with a precision tip that'll help you achieve that sharpest flicks you ever did see. It's waterproof, so you won't have to worry about it smudging or bleeding (even when you get caught in a storm).

    A person applying the liner

    30. A roll of reusable Velcro plant ties that you can cut to fit your greenery. If your branches or stems need a bit of extra support, these are sure to come in handy.

    31. A Garnier eye roller that's packed with caffeine and pro-vitamin B5 to help banish puffiness and dark circles when you haven't gotten enough sleep. Reviewers say it's a great addition to their morning routines and that it doesn't irritate their sensitive skin.

    The tube surrounded by flowers and towels

    32. A pair of trim-to-fit furniture pads that'll save your precious floors from getting scratched up. They'll also help buffer noises, so your downstairs neighbours won't hate you for moving around your tables and chairs in the middle of the night.

    33. A pack of stick-on vanity lights that'll brighten up your makeup station, so you're never stuck trying to do winged liner in the dark. They'll also make your mirror look like it belongs in an A-lister's dressing room, so you'll feel like a star every time you get glam.

    The stick-on lights surrounding a mirror

    34. A colourful wireless keyboard that'll give your workspace a makeover. It's designed not to make that annoying clicking sound, so you won't irritate your roommates when you're writing essays in the middle of the night.

    The keyboard surrounded by bits of makeup

    35. A pack of pineapple shower curtain hooks that'll add some subtle tropical vibes to your bathroom. If you want to go the extra mile, throw the matching shower curtain in your cart, too.

    The clips on a shower curtain

    36. A Harry Styles-inspired phone case with a faceless illustration of everyone's favourite former One Direction singer. It has soft rubber bumpers, so you won't have to worry about it breaking when you drop it (again).

    Six cases with Harry Styles designs

    37. And finally, an insulated floral lunch bag that'll keep your to-go snacks and meals at the perfect temperature. It can be wiped down clean, so you won't have to worry about saucy spills.

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