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    38 Things That Are On Sale Right Now (And This Weekend) In Canada

    Clothes, furniture, makeup, and more from all your fave stores.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Cheers to the freakin' weekend, y'all! The 9 to 5 grind is over, and Canada's fave online retailers are giving you something to celebrate: *major* deals! Some are on just for today and some will go on a lil' longer. Regardless, you'll definitely want to snap them up before they're gone.

    1. If you want to revamp your wardrobe head on over to Old Navy Canada because they're offering up to 50% off storewide. Don't know where to start? This adorbs floral dress and this bodysuit will prepare you for soaking up the sun this summer.

    2. Urban Outfitters is hosting its summer kickoff sale right now, so you can bless your closet and home with seasonal staples. I highly suggest grabbing some new bedding and a polo dress.

    3. Wayfair Canada is clearing out its warehouse and offering some deep, deep discounts on furniture and decor. You can get this velour office chair and this ladder shelf for hundreds of dollars off.

    4. At Indigo you can save up to 50% on select fashion, bedding, decor, and more until June 12. That includes amazing finds, like this drawstring bag and this massage candle.

    5. Indigo is also offering up to 25% off select Father's Day gifts until June 5. If you're stumped on what your dad would want, I'd opt for something like this bicycle repair kit or this grilling apron.

    6. If you haven't had your fill of Indigo yet, you can also stock up on pool floaties and inflatable pools for 20% off until June 5. I, for one, love this roller skate.

    7. Best Buy Canada has a ton of awesome deals on kitchen appliances right now. That includes the TikTok famous Revolution toaster with customizable programs that'll get your bagel, bread, or English muffin to the perfect level of crispiness.

    The Revolution toaster on a counter displaying bread options

    8. Urban Decay is offering 30% off sitewide and will even throw in a free gift if you spend over $50 and use the code BESTIE. Pick up summer staples, like the vitamin C setting spray and hydrating tinted moisturizer.

    9. Once again, lululemon has made too much and is offering deep discounts on Align leggings, ribbed bodysuits, and more.

    10. You can get up to 25% off select clothing and accessories for Father's Day at Michael Kors. If your dad is, like, real stylish, you probably wanna get in on the action and order them a backpack or messenger bag (or keep it for yourself, no judgment here).

    The two bags on an outdoor table

    11. You can get up to 50% off (plus an extra 10% with the code SUNSHINE) select summer staples from Gap Canada. Time to treat yourself to a new pair of cheeky denim shorts and a V-neck bodysuit.

    12. Cozy Earth will give ya up to 25% off select bedding, loungewear, and bath goodies. I'd go for this bamboo duvet cover that'll keep you comfy 365 nights a year — the temperature-regulating material will save you from sweating up a storm when it's hot out.

    The bedding on a bed in a minimalist bedrrom

    13. Good American has knocked down prices on a bunch of stuff, including their signature denim. That means you can get these loose-fit jeans and these vintage-style jeans at massive discounts.

    Annnnnd, if you're a fan of immediacy and prefer Amazon Canada over everything, you're in luck, because there are a ton of deals on the site — I'm listing the best of the best below for your reference.

    14. 22% off a TikTok-famous moon lamp that's seriously out of this world. You can change the colour and flashing pattern with the remote, so you won't have to leave your blanket burrito to adjust the ambiance in your room.

    15. 20% off a cocktail machine that's basically a boozy version of a Keurig or Nespresso. You won't need to do any measuring or pouring — you can just pop in a capsule of your choosing and let the gadget do the rest.

    16. 19% off a bamboo laptop desk that'll make working from your bed a heck of a lot easier. The adjustable, angled portion of the top is vented, so it'll save your laptop from overheating when you've got a bazillion tabs open.

    A book and a cup of coffee on the desk on a bed

    17. 20% off a set of claw clips that'll keep your updos firmly in place. Reviewers say they're large enough to be used on thick hair and love that the set includes a variety of colours, so they can coordinate them with their outfits.

    Several people wearing claw clips in their hair

    18. 40% off a citrus reamer that'll catch the seeds for you, so you won't need to worry about getting unwanted crunchy bits in your paella or pasta. Reviewers love how easy it is to use and say it gets every drop of juice out of their limes and lemons.

    A person using the citrus reamer to juice a lemon over a rice dish

    19. 40% off a laptop cooling pad that'll save your device from overheating when you've got a million tabs open at once. It doubles as a stand and will help keep your computer at the perfect angle (good posture is important, people!).

    A laptop on the stand on a desk

    20. 20% off a transparent tray with gold handles that'll make you want to eat breakfast in bed (and take many, many shots for the 'gram). You could also use it to organize your collection of toiletries in your bathroom if that needs a little sprucing up.

    The tray on a chevron carpet with bread, buns, and milk on it

    21. 18% off a genius ice cream scoop with a squeeze-release handle that'll leave you with the perfect scoop every time. Reviewers say it's great for people with arthritis and that it's the perfect size for making cookies, too.

    The ice cream scoop with a perfect scoop of ice cream inside

    22. 33% off a pair of bug-zapping rackets that'll help you on your quest to rid your house of pests. Reviewers say they're super satisfying to use and way more effective than sticky traps.

    A person holding a racket

    23. 29% off a dino soap lab for the lil' paleontologist in your life. It'll have them creating colourful prehistoric toiletries for their bathroom that'll make them excited to wash their hands.

    A person washing their hand in a sink with dino soaps around the edge

    24. Up to 24% off a flip-top end table with a built-in charging station that'll save you from having to create a web of cords around your living room. It has two standard outlets and two USB ports, meaning you'll be able to juice up several gadgets at once.

    25. 42% off an Echo Show with and HD screen and stereo sound that you can use to control your smart home, stream shows, make video calls and more.

    The Echo Show on a kitchen counter with a photo of a island on the display screen

    26. 19% off a faux grass drying rack that'll keep all of your clean dishes upright and save your countertop from becoming a swamp. It'll also add a splash of green to your kitchen, even when all your houseplants have died.

    The grass drying rack with baby bottles and utensils drying on top of it

    27. 26% off a bottle of Cosrx Poreless Power Liquid that'll coax out excess sebum and shrink the appearance of your pores, leaving you with fresh 'n' clean skin. Reviewers say it's super refreshing and that it's helped keep breakouts at bay.

    Two bottles of Cosrx poreless power liquid

    28. 37% off a double-sided culinary ruler that's basically a cheat sheet for amateur chefs. It includes a conversion chart, dicing guide, dough recipes, and several other helpful tips that'll help you become a whiz in the kitchen.

    The culinary ruler on a cutting board

    29. Up to 44% off a vinyl stand that'll keep your albums organized. The wood has little grooves in it that'll save your records from sliding into a pile.

    Records in the record holder on a dresser

    30. Up to 27% off a silicone hot tool mat that'll save your bathroom counter from scorch marks. It has a curved design that'll keep your curling iron from rolling around.

    A curling iron on the mat

    31. 34% off a teeth whitening kit that'll make your pearly whites even whiter. Reviewers say it's a great option for people with sensitive teeth and that they actually do see a significant difference after their first session.

    The trays, whitening guide, applicators, and light on top of a throw pillow

    32. 47% off an over-the-cabinet storage basket where you can keep your go-to cleaning supplies. The hooks have foam backing, so you won't need to worry about them scuffing up your doors.

    The storage basket filled with cleaning supplies

    33. 19% off a pack of transparent cat-scratching shields that'll stop your four-legged friend from destroying your furniture. Reviewers say they're easy to install, super low-key, and even work on leather chairs and sofas.

    A cat scratching the side of a couch with a shield on it

    34. 20% off a heat-up compression eye mask that'll massage your face, making it great for headaches and eye strain. It has built-in Bluetooth speakers that'll help you block out the outside world, so you can really chill out.

    A person wearing the mask while lying in bed

    35. Up to 29% off a sherpa fleece weighted blanket that'll take you straight to snoozetown (and keep you warm, too). I have one of these and it's helped with my insomnia and anxiety, making it totally worth the investment.

    The weighted blanket on a sofa

    36. Up to 32% off a diffuser that'll fill your home with relaxing scents while looking 💯 on your coffee table. It also works as a humidifier and a nightlight, meaning you'll get plenty of use out of it.

    The diffuser on a table

    37. 38% a vanity mirror that'll magnify your face and allow you to see what they're doing with your tweezers and tools. There's an LED frame around the centre mirror, so you won't even need to turn on your overheads to get glam.

    The mirror on a table surrounded by products

    38. And finally, 47% off a milk frother that you can use to whip up foamy toppings for all your drinks. Flat milk? Leave that for the peasants.

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