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    31 Of The Best Last-Minute Gifts Under $25

    Cheap, but still really great.

    Hey there! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

    1. A microwave popcorn popper that'll help them make movie theatre-level snacks in the comfort of their own home. It has a butter melter built into the lid, so they won't need to dirty any extra dishes to elevate their kernels.

    The popcorn popper filled with popcorn

    2. A sturdy headphone stand that has a charging pad built into the base. The bottom is coated with grippy rubber, so they won't have to stress about their gadgets tumbling off their desk.

    A phone and headset on the stand next to a computer

    3. A pack of holographic decals that'll give their apartment the makeover it deserves. They can be stuck to any smooth surface, so they can use them on more than just their walls.

    The decals on a wall behind a velour sofa

    4. An aluminum Pokédex game card holder that'll keep all of their Nintendo Switch cartridges in one place. Now they won't get damaged floating around the bottom of their bag.

    A person holding the game card holder

    5. A pair of Starbucks-inspired grips for the person in your life who basically bleeds coffee. They'll save them from dropping their device and can even be used to prop it up when they're streaming or video chatting.

    6. A colour-changing smart lightbulb that'll give them the TikTok lighting they've dreamed of having. They can control it from their phone or Alexa, so they won't even have to fiddle with a switch.

    The phone controls underneath three lights

    7. A pack of bejeweled hair clips that'll make their mane sparkle with the light of a thousand suns. It includes both dainty and chunky options, so they can play around with different styles.

    The hair clips fanned out in a circle

    8. A guitar humidifier that'll keep their instrument from drying out in the dead of winter. It fits conveniently into the soundhole and will evenly distribute moisture, ensuring that their axe stays in tip-top condition.

    9. A cat-shaped ring light that'll give them studio-level illumination for their next Zoom call or TikTok shoot. Reviewers love that it's small enough to clip onto their phones, too.

    The light clipped to the top of a computer

    10. This vegan leather bath pillow that'll help them chill the heck out while they're soaking. It has suction cups on the back, so it won't slide down to their tush when they're trying to enjoy some sudsy R&R.

    A person holding up the bath pillow

    11. A nail polish duo, so they can give themself a shimmery mani-pedi, without going to the salon. It comes with a vampy red shade (for when they're feeling naughty) and a pale pink shade (for when they're feeling nice).

    A person holding the nail polish duo

    12. This adorable paper basket that'll disguise the boring terracotta pot their fave succulent calls home. They can also use it as a serving bowl, if they want to spruce up their holiday spread.

    The paper basket with a plant inside it

    13. A question-a-day journal that'll take them a whole five years to complete. This written time capsule will let them see how they've changed (or stayed the same) over the years and will take way less time to fill out than a traditional diary.

    A filled-out page inside the journal

    14. A shark-shaped earbud case that'll keep their headphones from getting bashed around in their bag. It’s compatible with first- and second-generation AirPods, so you won’t have to stress about sizing.

    Four shark AirPod cases laid out

    15. A neutral Morphe eyeshadow palette that comes with a mix of mattes and shimmers, so they can experiment with a ton of different looks. Reviewers say the shadows are super pigmented and easy to blend, too.

    Two eyeshadow palettes with brushes on them

    16. A handy coffee grinder, so they can start grinding their own beans and serve fresher, tastier java every morning. They can also use it to chop herbs when they don't have the time or energy to chiffonade them with a knife.

    A person using the grinder to grind beans

    17. A corduroy tote bag so that they can carry around their groceries, textbooks, or whatever else in style. It has two internal pockets where they can stash go-to items, like their phone, keys, and wallet.

    A person with the bag on their shoulder

    18. A murder mystery puzzle game filled with spooky puzzles for the armchair detective in your life. If they love brain teasers, but want something a little more immersive than a crossword or sudoku puzzle, they'll love this.

    19. A four-piece set of drill brush heads that'll transform their power tools into cleaning gadgets (perfect if your friend is basically Monica Geller). From gross grout lines to fingerprint-covered window panes, their built-up dirt and grime will be no match for their new high-powered grime busters.

    The four brush heads on drills cleaning various areas of a bathroom

    20. A glass jewelry box they can fill with all their beloved baubles and tiny trinkets. It's totally transparent, so they'll be able to see their accessory options, without even opening the lid.

    21. A guide to the night sky made specifically for 2021 that's sure to please any amateur astronomer on your list. It includes star maps for each month, info on the positions of planets, advice on where to start searching, and more.

    22. A bunny-shaped pillow, if they love quirky home decor and are bored of their basic throw pillows. This one is as fluffy as an actual bunny, so they'll probably claim it as their snuggle buddy.

    The rabbit pillow on a chair

    23. A 1,000-piece puzzle that features illustrations of titles by female authors like Toni Morrison, Emma Donoghue, and Ruth Ozeki. It's a great gift for any bookworm that already has every bestseller.

    24. A transparent double-walled glass mug that won't burn their hands, no matter how they hold it. It's also designed to keep hot drinks hot (and cold drinks cold) for longer, so they won't have to worry about their beverage prematurely changing temperature.

    A person holding the transparent mug with tea in it

    25. A mini humidifier that only needs a glass of water and a few drops of essential oil to work its magic. They can plug it into any USB port, so it makes a great desk companion.

    The mini humidifier in a glass of water

    26. A bottle of Verb Ghost Oil that's infused with bamboo extract, moringa seed oil, and argan oil to strengthen their locks and minimize frizz. It's thicker than most hair serums and delivers some serious hydrating results with just a few pumps.

    27. This plush fleece blanket that'll keep them warm all winter long. It's made of velour that won't shed or pill, so they won't have to lint roll their ensemble after a snooze.

    The blanket laid out on a chair

    28. A geometric wall hanging with macrame accents that'll dress up any bare wall in their bedroom. Reviewers say that it's lightweight enough to hang with a thumbtack, so they won't need to call in a handyperson.

    The hanging on a wall

    29. A pack of Frida Kahlo playing cards for anyone who loves art (and a cheeky game of poker). Every card features floral illustrations and will make even a late-night game of Crazy Eights feel a bit fancier.

    30. A set of anti-slip coasters with suction cups on their bottoms that'll save them from migrating around their furniture. They can also be used as trivets for when they need to place hot pots and pans on their tables.

    A cocktail glass and cup on two coasters beside bar accessories

    31. And finally, a pair of heart-shaped donut pans that'll have them whipping up the cutest sweet treats in town. They have a non-stick coating, so they won't struggle to pop out their pastries.

    Two frosted donuts and one plain donut in the pan

    Them when they open your gift:

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