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    29 Game-Changing Gifts For Anyone Who Has Ever Thought, "I'm Literally Always Cold"

    For anyone who is forever frosty.

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    1. A heated mouse pad that'll keep their hand warm while they're surfin' and scrollin' on their computer. It runs on a timer, so they won't need to stress if they forget to turn it off.

    A person with their hand inside the heated mouse pad

    2. A reusable ceramic coffee mug for all of their to-go winter beverages. It comes with a lid, so they can use it at home or on the go.

    3. And a sassy octopus sleeve that'll save them from burning their hands while holding a piping hot cup of tea. It's made of a stretchy knit material that can be slid onto mugs, cans, and tumblers of all sizes.

    Two people holding mugs with octopus sleeves on them

    4. A set of ultra-soft flannel sheets that'll make their bed even cozier than it is now. It comes with two flannel pillowcases, they won't be stuck laying their head on cold cotton.

    A bed with the flannel sheets on it

    5. This oversized Orolay parka that'll probably replace every jacket in their collection. It has a ton of pockets and a sherpa-lined hood for optimal coziness.

    6. A massage mat that'll take them to relaxation station by kneading out their entire bod and keeping them toasty warm. Reviewers say it's their secret weapon for back pain and love that they can customize their massages by using the remote.

    A person lying on the massage mat on their couch

    7. A pair of plush slipper sandals that'll keep their feet feeling warm, but not overheated (remember, you can always add socks). They have anti-slip soles that'll keep you from slidin' all over the place, so you won't take a dive on your hardwood.

    A pair of fuzzy slippers on a magazine

    8. A pair of faux fur-lined Crocs that are the winter edition of their fave summer shoes. They have the same tread as regular Crocs, so when they need to brave their icy driveway to grab their mail, they can flip them into sports mode and do their thing.

    The Crocs on a faux fur rug

    9. A small, but mighty space heater that's petite enough to fit under their desk or on their bedside table. Reviewers say it can warm up an entire room within minutes and that it works its magic without making a peep.

    A person walking by the space heater on the floor of a living room

    10. A pair of fleece-lined sweatpants that'll keep them feeling warm and cozy when the temperature drops. Reviewers love the high-rise fit and say they're pretty much necessary for anyone who likes to camp in cold weather.

    11. This Bioré self-heating charcoal mask that'll suck all the grossness out of their pores and warm then up at the same time. Reviewers say that it doesn't irritate their sensitive skin and love that they can actually feel it working.

    A person wearing the mask with a towel in their hair and tiny sunglasses on

    12. A super-snuggly comforter set that's velour on one side and sherpa fleece on the other, giving them the best of both worlds. It's packed with a pillowy down alternative that won't stab them in their sleep like tiny bird feathers would.

    13. Or this ultra-plush shaggy duvet cover set that'll see them through the coldest winter nights. It's has a soft, velvety material on the flip side, so they won't be completely smothered by fuzz.

    14. A cozy hot water bottle that's sporting a chic turtleneck, so it'll be just as fashionable as them this season. The knitted cover makes it more comfortable to snuggle with than rubber-coated alternatives.

    The hot water bottle on a blanket

    15. A three-pack of fuzzy cat-inspired socks that are the purr-fect solution for frozen tootsies. They're even comfortable enough to sleep in, if their covers just won't cut it.

    16. A stylish Herschel beanie that'll keep their noggin' warm until spring has sprung. It's super slouchy and is long enough to keep their ears covered.

    A person wearing the Herschel beanie and smiling

    17. A cozy faux sheepskin rug, so that their feet won't have to touch their frosty hardwood floors when they hop out of bed. Reviewers say it's super soft and love that it doesn't shed or have a weird chemical-y smell.

    The rug beside a bed

    18. A faux marble angled laptop desk, so they can comfortable work in a cocoon of blankets in bed, instead of at their desk. It has a built-in slot for their tablet and a mousepad, so they'll have everything they need to get to work.

    The angles laptop desk with a laptop, phone, and mouse on top of it

    19. A splurge-worthy smart thermostat that'll help keep the temperature balanced in their home, so they'll never catch a chill indoors. It'll connect directly from their phone, so they can control it from anywhere.

    A smart thermostat mounted on a colourful wall

    20. A heat-up compression eye mask that'll massage their face, making it great for headaches and eye strain. It has built-in Bluetooth speakers that'll help them block out the outside world, so they can really chill out.

    Two people wearing compression eye masks

    21. A snood knitting kit that'll teach them how to make their own accessories from scratch. It's designed for beginners, so even if they've never touched needles in their life, they'll be able to use it.

    Three balls of yarn, knitting needles, and instructions

    22. This plush fleece blanket that's probably softer than anything in their current collection. It'll also cover up their ratty old bedspread and leave their room looking effortlessly chic.

    23. A pair of classic Ugg boots that'll keep their feet warm all winter long. Yes, they may be basic, but they're popular for a reason, y'all.

    A pair of Ugg boots under a tree surrounded by bows

    24. A satin-lined beanie that'll keep them warm, without frizzing up their hair. Reviewers say it helps them maintain their curls in the colder seasons and that they even wear it to bed on frostier evenings.

    A person pulling the satin-lined beanie onto their head

    25. A pair of waterproof leather boots that'll see you through the stormiest weather. They have thick treads that'll keep you from slipping and sliding around on wet terrain.

    A pair of leather Muck boots

    26. A fancy set of sweet snacks that comes with caramel hot chocolate mix, lemon bergamot marshmallows, caramel quinoa puffs, and caramel meringues. Now they can make the most gourmet loaded hot cocoa on the planet.

    All of the snacks laid out

    27. A heated mattress pad that will keep their entire sleeping situation at a toasty-warm temperature, so they won't have to raise their hydro bill to snooze through the night. Reviewers say it makes their mattresses softer, too, which is obviously a major plus.

    The mattress cover on top of a bed

    28. A pair of Canadian-designed leather gloves to keep their phalanges from getting frosty. They're lined with soft polar fleece, making them ultra comfy.

    The gloves on top of a scarf

    29. A cotton weighted blanket that'll help them sleep like an actual baby. Reviewers say that it's has helped them fall asleep faster, aided their anxiety, and helped with insomia and PTSD.

    The weighted blanket on a bed

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