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    49 Presents That Are So Great, They Definitely Won’t Get Re-Gifted

    Yes, they'll actually keep them.

    1. A Bob's Burgers enamel pin for your friend who would give anything to spend a day with Tina, Bob, and the gang. Each of the characters is etched with one of their iconic quotes, which is bound to tickle any fan of the show.

    Tina and Bob pins on a jean jacket

    2. A genius banana ice cream maker that'll magically churn frozen fruit into delicious soft serve. They can also use it to make aesthetically-pleasing smoothie bowls, if they want to take their breakfast game to the next level.

    A person making raspberry ice cream with the Yonanas machine

    3. A mood-boosting gratitude journal that'll help them practice a bit of self care and appreciate all #blessings in their life. It includes inspirational quotes, space to write what their thankful for each day, and weekly check-in pages.

    An open gratitude activity journal on a desk

    4. A GameBoy-shaped earbud case that'll add some retro flair to their beloved 21st century gadgets. It's made of impact-resistant silicone, so it'll save their headphones from getting beat up.

    A person holding the GameBoy-shaped earbud case

    5. A pair of crew socks that blend their two favourite defunct shows: Parks and Recreation and Game of Thrones. They feature adorable illustrations of Lil' Sebastian, Leslie Knope on the Iron Throne, and Ron Swanson dressed like a member of the Knight's Watch.

    A person wearing the socks with rolled up pants

    6. A copy of Pizza: History, Recipes, Stories, People, Places, Love that explores the greatness of their favourite food. It's packed with recipes, pizza maps, facts, movie scenes, and even tattoos that pay homage to pies.

    7. An oversized hooded sweatshirt, because they're always chilly, but are tired of blankets falling off their shoulders. It has a massive kangaroo pocket that they can use to tote around their essentials.

    8. A bestselling espresso machine if you really want to splurge on a friend or family member. Yes, this bad boy does cost a pretty penny, but they'll never have to buy another latte or macchiato again.

    9. A satin-lined beanie that'll keep them warm, without frizzing up their hair. Reviewers say it helps them maintain their curls in the frosty seasons and that they even wear it to bed on frostier evenings.

    A person pulling the satin-lined beanie onto their head

    10. A hand-held deep-tissue massage gun that'll help them knead out knots and melt away their aches and pains in a flash. Reviewers love that they can customize their session by switching up which massage head they use (it comes with six).

    11. A corgi mousepad with a bodacious, bouncing booty that'll give their wrist the support it needs for a long day of surfing and scrolling. The little pillows create the perfect rest so they'll never leave their desk in pain again.

    12. A DIY bubble tea kit, so that they can make their favourite Taiwanese beverage at home. It comes with all the fixings (including tapioca peals and brown sugar), so they won't need to trek through the snow to get fulfill their boba cravings.

    13. A scratch-off TV show bucket list that'll give them a whole new list of series to binge. They've probably already seen a handful, so they can start scratching off titles as soon as they open it.

    14. A Baby Yoda tee with a petite illustration of everyone's favourite bundle of Jedi joy. Adorable, it is.

    A person surrounded by plants wearing the Baby Yoda tee

    15. A Loch Ness monster bookmark that'll save them from ever losing their place. When they close their book its head, back, and tail, peek out over the pages, so it'll make their bookshelf look a whole lot cuter, too.

    The Loch Ness monster bookmark in a book

    16. A pair of classic Ugg boots that'll keep their feet warm all winter long. Yes, they may be basic, but they're popular for a reason, y'all.

    A pair of Ugg boots under a tree surrounded by bows

    17. A plant lady mug that looks like a terracotta pot, so it'll be the cutest cup in their collection.

    A person drinking out the plant lady mug

    18. A compact air fryer that'll give them all the joys of fried food, without all the oil and splattering. It won't take up a ton of cupboard space, but it's so cute that they should probably just leave it on their countertop.

    Chicken fingers inside the air fryer

    19. A personalized pet toy that's for the dog (but mostly for them). It has a squeaker inside and is made of super-durable fabric that their little chompers won't be able to bite through.

    A dog holding their personalized dog bone

    20. An Alexa-enabled Echo Dot that'll become their electronic personal assistant and answer all their questions. It's also a speaker, so they can use it to catch up on podcasts or listen to playlists.

    An Echo Dot beside a stack of books on a shelf

    21. An adorable smiley face ring that can be adjusted to fit any size of digit, so you won't need to guess their size. It's super chunky, so it looks great on its own and when paired with daintier bands.

    The smiley face ring next to a fiddle leaf fig tree and mug

    22. A desk-sized mini lightbox sign for their home office that'll be the envy of all their coworkers in their next Zoom meeting. Who cares about plants and picture frames when they have this? Answer: Nobody.

    A mini lightbox that reads hashtag cutest mini lightbox

    23. A punny BlenderBottle that'll remind them what's in store after their work out (food, always food). It's even simpler to use than a blender — all they have to is add in their protein powder, some water (or milk), and the BlenderBall, then shake away.

    Three BlenderBottles with pie, avocado, and bagel puns and doodles

    24. A snood knitting kit that'll teach them how to make their own accessories from scratch. It's designed for beginners, so even if they've never touched needles in their life, they'll be able to use it.

    Three balls of yarn, knitting needles, and instructions

    25. A GoPro HERO7 camera that has automatic video stabilization to deliver insanely smooth footage. It can be used on land and underwater, so they'll definitely want to bring it on their next adventure.

    A person using the GoPro on a dock by the ocean

    26. A gold-plated tarot-inspired necklace for your witchy pal who relies on their deck for just about everything. If they love layering their jewels, go ahead and get them two different styles so they can rock them together.

    A person wearing the moon tarot card necklace

    27. A Nintendo Switch Lite that'll provide hours upon hours of fun, so they'll never be bored again. It's small enough to pop in their bag, so they can take it with them on road trips and cottage adventures.

    A person holding the Nintendo Switch in front of plants

    28. Keith Haring Uno, a twist on the classic card game that's sure to impress your artsy pal. Now they can play their favourite childhood game, without sacrificing their high brow style.

    29. A Click and Grow indoor garden that'll help them create a super low-maintenance herb and vegetable patch inside their home. Now they can feel like a seasoned botanist without even getting their hands dirty.

    30. A Bluetooth karaoke microphone that'll make them feel like a star in the comfort of their own home. Reviewers love that you can eliminate the voice from a song with the press of a button and also use it as a portable speaker.

    A person kneeling while belting out a song into the microphone

    31. A set of dream decoder cards that'll help them figure out what their best dreams and worst nightmares actually mean.

    32. A cordless Waterpik that's less bulky than the original and waaay more effective than regular floss. It'll use H2O to blast away gross stuff between their teeth, leaving them with a seriously clean mouth.

    A person holding the cordless Waterpik over a sink

    33. A colouring book filled with illustrations of sassy animals sipping boozy libations (I mean, what more could they want?). Each colouring page includes a drink recipe, so it'll help them become a seasoned mixologist, too.

    34. A double-basket grilled cheese toaster that'll help them craft ooey-gooey, golden-brown sammies without even firing up their stove. It has a toasting dial on the side that'll allow them to pick their ideal level of doneness, so their sandwich will never be over or undercooked.

    The toaster with two grilled cheese sandwiches inside

    35. A Rick and Morty expansion pack for everyone's favourite millennial party game, What Do You Meme?. It's guaranteed to make their next game night a smash and will benefit you as much as it does them, making it a total win-win.

    36. A trendy mini skateboard that'll help them get wherever they need to go in a flash. It's super lightweight and small enough to tuck into most backpacks, so they won't have to lug it around when they reach their destination.

    A person holding the skateboard against their leg

    37. A faux leather-bound password logbook, if they can never remember their login info for anything. It has spaces for websites, software license numbers, and home network settings (basically, all the important stuff).

    A password logbook open on a computer

    38. A sample pack of Ethique hair products that looks like a box of truffles and will transform their haircare routine. Reviewers say that they smell amazing and leave tresses looking shiny, without feeling greasy (aka what we all want from our haircare products).

    The box of hair products in front of a mirror

    39. A hand-powered veggie spiralizer for when they want want to have their pasta and eat their veggies, too. They can use it on everything from beets to zucchini, so they can have a different take on noods every night.

    40. This oversized cow-shaped mug that's udder-ly adorable (don't worry, I hated that pun, too). It has silicone grips on the bottom, so they won't knock it over when they're rushing to put together their breakfast.

    A person holding the cow-shaped mug

    41. A wireless charger, so that they won't have to mess around with their swamp of tangled cords to recharge their devices. It's case friendly and won't slip around thanks to the grippy TPU base.

    42. A criss-cross cotton apron that'll make them look like they belong in the Tasty test kitchen. It has pockets on either side, which they can use to carry their phone and essential cooking tools.

    43. This Canadian-made maple syrup candle that smells like a sugar shack in Quebec. It's made of soy wax and has a wooden wick, so it's safer and more eco-friendly than synthetic alternatives.

    A person holding the candle in front of a plant

    44. A bestselling personal foot bath that'll give them the pedicure of their dreams in the comfort of their own home. It even has removable massage rollers to give them the ultimate spa experience.

    45. A magical heated brush that'll dry, volumize, and style their locks all in one go. Now they won't need to mess around with a thousand hair tools when they're running late.

    The brush beside a magazine and makeup bag

    46. This plush