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    37 Of The Best Gifts For Dads

    Because your dad deserves the best.

    1. A classic Swiss Army Knife that includes a screwdriver, bottle opener, wood saw, and thirteen other tools to help fix almost any problem that they might be faced with at home and beyond.

    2. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that's the perfect combo of spicy and sweet and tastes so heavenly that they'll want to drizzle it on everything.

    3. A wooden docking station that'll organize their bedside or desk essentials. It has space for a phone, watch, keys, pens, a wallet, and all of their other tiny trinkets and treasures.

    4. A bottle decapitator, because cracking open beers shouldn't take a lot of elbow grease. It uses a magnet to hold the cap in place, so they'll be able to pop it off in one try.

    5. A classic pair of Blundstone boots which will get them through winter treks, summer hikes, and every other adventure. They come with removable insoles for added comfort and warmth.

    6. A mug covered in Shakespearean insults that'll give them some creative new jabs from the Bard himself. Sorry if your dad starts calling you a rampallian or rooting hog after they start drinking from this.

    7. An easy-to-use record player that's perfect for the dad who's been dying to dust off their old vinyl colleciton. They can also use it to convert their records into audio files, so they can listen to their tunes on their phone or computer.

    8. A beer making kit so that they can become the brewmaster they've always dreamed of being. It makes a full gallon of beer, so they'll get a whole eight pints out of it.

    9. A Tile Slim Bluetooth tracker, if all of their things are constantly going MIA. This model is thin enough to slide into a wallet and will help track down their lost item in seconds.

    10. A handy pistachio bowl with a separate section for discarded shells. Now they'll never reach into a bag of seemingly full pistachios and only find empty husks (a dad's worst nightmare).

    11. A pair of shearling slippers that'll keep their feet warm all winter long. These ones have a harder sole with a tread, so they won't take a dive on even their glossiest hardwood floors.

    12. A bestselling espresso machine if you really want to splurge on your dad. Yes, this bad boy does cost a pretty penny, but they'll never have to buy another latte or macchiato again (plus you'll get to use it when you visit).

    13. A fancy Philips Sonicare toothbrush that'll improve their gum health, whiten their teeth, and remove plaque ten times more efficiently than the average toothbrush. Your dad once told you to brush your teeth and now it's time for you to tell them to brush theirs.

    14. A Click and Grow garden with enough space for nine plants to thrive. This genius appliance is like a low-maintenance plant patch that they can use year-round, so they can exercise their green thumb even when it's below zero outside.

    15. A box of classic After Eight chocolate, which I'm pretty sure is the officially holiday snack of dads. TBH, this will probably be their breakfast on Christmas morning and they won't be mad about it.

    16. A PlayStation 4 Pro, because dads wanna have fun, too. It's the most advanced model on the market and offers almost endless opportunities when it comes to gaming.

    17. A YETI stackable mug to make their trips to Starbucks and their wildest outdoor adventures aesthetically pleasing. It's vacuum insulated, so their drink won't go hot or cold on them in two seconds (important when facing a heat wave or blizzard).

    18. A leather Timberland wallet that's super slim and can easily slide into a back pocket. Reviewers are super impressed with its low price and high quality.

    19. A variety pack of beard oils to keep their facial hair looking and smelling its best. A few drops of this will add shape and shine to their beard, and get rid of any annoying itchiness.

    20. A set of granite whiskey stones that will keep their drinks icy cold, but won't water them down. We’re not saying you should pair it with a bottle of whiskey, but… you should probably pair it with a bottle of whiskey.

    21. An Alexa-enabled Echo Dot that'll make them think they've hired a personal assistant (every dad's dream). It's also a speaker, so they can use it to practice their embarrassing dad dancing or catch up on their favourite podcasts.

    22. A retro wooden radio with classic rotary dials that's perfect for the dad who doesn't want any part in all this newfangled technology ("what the heck is a Bluetooth?!" - my dad, probably). Reviewers love how easy it is to use and say it has great reception and sound quality.

    23. A bottle of highly-rated truffle hot sauce that's a little bit fancier than Tabasco or Cholula (not knocking those, they're amazing). If your dad likes his food spicy, he needs this in his life.

    24. An sleek leather dress belt that they can customize for the perfect fit. It has an easy-to-remove buckle that allows them to cut the leather belt to their ideal size.

    25. A breakfast sandwich maker that'll make crafting an epic breakfast sandwich easier and faster than going to a drive-thru. The instructions are simple: pile in the ingredients, let them cook for a few minutes, then slide out the plates to assemble the sammy.

    26. A perch for their glasses that'll save them from ransacking their entire house in an effort to find their specs. It's a solid addition to any bedside table, and is a great conversation piece on a desk.

    27. A Bose SoundLink waterproof speaker that's chip, dent, and crack resistant, which is great if your dad's a little clumsy. It's also très petite, so they'll be able to squeeze it into their bag or glove compartment.

    28. A set of patterned silk neck ties that'll instantly jazz up any suit. It comes with three styles, so even the pickiest of dads is bound to love at least one.

    29. A master grilling kit that comes in a handy carrying case that'll keep all of their tools together. They'll definitely thank you for this one when BBQ szn rolls around.

    30. A thoughtful book that you can customize with your own thoughts and feelings about your own dear old dad. This can be a super sentimental gift, or you can fill it with jokes if that's more your speed.

    31. A set of bourbon-themed playing cards that'll give every game of solitaire, poker, and rummy some vintage flair.

    32. A book of iconic record covers that showcases the best rock album art from the '60s to the '90s. If your dad loves music, they'll probably love this.

    33. A pack of fun patterned socks that'll make all of their other socks obsolete. Seriously, why would they rock plain black socks when they've got polka dots in their drawer?

    34. A golf range finder that'll help them take their golf game to the next level. It'll help them find their target and measure distance so they can swing with better accuracy.

    35. A portable drink holder that sticks right to the wall of their shower or bathtub so that they can caffeinate (or sip on a beer) while they get clean. It can fit everything from a mug to a wine glass, and can suction on to tile, glass, and mirrored surfaces.

    36. A scratch-off map for the nomad dad who has a serious case of wanderlust. Now they'll be able to remember where they've been (and where they still have left to go when they retire).

    37. And finally, a pair of Sony noise-cancelling headphones to give them some much-deserved peace and quiet. These have touch sensor controls so they won't have to fumble around with any tiny buttons when they want to control volume, activate their voice assistant, answer phone calls, or change their music.

    You giving your dad his gift:

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