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    17 Amazon Canada Activewear Pieces That Might Actually Get You Excited To Work Out

    They're so cute, you'll probably wear them even when you aren't working on your fitness.

    1. A lightweight zip-up jacket because the temps are gonna drop soon and you'll want something to layer over your sports bra. Reviewers love that it has thumb holes on the cuffs so they don't have to worry about their sleeves rolling up on chilly mornings.

    2. A tennis skort that'll keep you looking cool on and off the court. The shorts underneath are equipped with stretchy pockets and there's a third zippered compartment on the booty, giving you plenty of room to store your essentials.

    3. A seamless set with an asymmetrical top that'll make you stand out in your next vinyasa flow class. Reviewers say it's lightweight, breathable, and stays in place without needing any adjusting.

    A person wearing the set and sneakers

    4. Or this similar set that comes with shorts instead of leggings, if you think the extra fabric holds you back. It's made of a stretchy ribbed material that's both squatproof and supportive (aka what we all want in our workout clothing).

    5. An Under Armour sports bra that'll keep your boobs from bouncin' all over the place, even when you're doing high-intensity activities. The cross-back straps do a great job of keeping even larger tatas in place, and it has hook-and-eye closures that'll give you a snug, secure fit.

    6. A pair of running shorts that are cute enough to wear when you're not working out. They're high-waisted, meaning they'll pair perfectly with all those crop tops in your closet.

    7. A medium-impact sports bra with a handy back pocket that'll hold your phone so you won't have to. Reviewers say it keeps bouncing to a minimum and that it's comfortable enough to wear all day long.

    8. A pair of bike shorts with that won't suffocate your gams. They offer the perfect amount of stretch and compression and are the perfect length for wearing under dresses when you want a bit more coverage.

    9. A sports bra top that'll keep your boobs in place and save you from sweating through another top before laundry day. Reviewers say the double straps don't dig into their skin, which is a major win in my books.

    10. A cute two-piece set if you wouldn't be caught dead in mismatched gear. Reviewers love how the pieces hug their bods while keeping everything locked in tight, and say that the pants don't give them that dreaded camel toe (a true blessing when it comes to leggings).

    Two people wearing matching sets

    11. A pair of drawstring joggers that are great for every activity, from breaking a sweat to lounging in bed. Reviewers say they're solid dupes for lululemons and that they're so comfy, you'll want to wear them 24/7.

    12. A pair of high-waisted leggings that have not one, not two, but three pockets. Now you'll be able to carry all your go-to goodies on you without needing to rock a fanny pack or bulky armband.

    A person doing a lunge while wearing the leggings and sneakers

    13. A sweet 'n' simple racerback top that'll match with everything in your workout wardrobe. Reviewers love that it has a built-in bra, saving them from layering up when it's warm out.

    14. A pair of short shorts with ruching on the booty that'll make your caboose look like an actual 🍑. Reviewers love how they accentuate their ~curves~ and say that they're 0% see-through (even when they're doing squats).

    A person wearing the shorts with a jacket and sneakers

    15. A ribbed set that's made of seamless, four-way stretch fabric and will fit you like a glove. Reviewers say the leggings have more of a 7/8 fit, making them great for tall people who love an ankle grazer (or short people who want leggings that actually stop at their ankles).

    A person wearing the set while sitting on a fluffy rug

    16. A pair of 2-in-1 training shorts that are flowy on the top layer and fitted underneath, giving you the best of both worlds. Reviewers say they're the perfect balance of snug and loose and that the inner lining helps prevent chafing.

    17. And finally, a four pack of simple tanks so you'll never be stuck wondering, "do I even have a clean shirt for my workout today?". Reviewers say they're super lightweight, making them great for warm weather and ultra sweaty workouts.

    The four tanks on a blank background

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