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    33 Cool And Fresh Products That Made Me Say, "Wait, I Actually Need That"

    Very fun, very fresh.

    1. A double-walled tumbler with an extra-wide straw that's perfect for smoothies and boba-filled beverages. It's totally insulated, so it'll keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

    Two people cheersing their double-walled tumblers

    2. A surge-protecting extension cord that's five feet long and thin enough to slide behind your desk or under your sofa. It has three three-pronged sockets and three USB ports, so you can keep all your gadgets plugged in at once.

    Three phones plugged into the USB ports on the power bar

    3. A rose gold tassel lanyard wristlet that you can wear like a bracelet or clip to your belt loop. Reviewers love that it's strong enough to hold keys, fobs, and AirPods all at once.

    A person holding the lanyard key chain with keys on it

    4. A pack of cheese storage bags that'll regulate humidity to keep your favourite fromage from going bad prematurely. Each has space to write the type of cheese stored inside and the date you bought it, so you'll never accidentally take a bite of mouldy mystery cheese again.

    An open pack of cheese storage bags next to a wedge of cheese

    5. A dainty butterfly choker and earring set that looks way more expensive than it actually is. The necklace has an adjustable chain, so you can customize the length to layer perfectly with your other chains.

    6. A pack of handy facial razors that you can use to shape your brows, shave away fine hairs, and smooth your skin. They fold down into their handles, so you won't get stabbed when you're blindly fishing around the bottom of your bag.

    7. A pair of silicone muffin pans that your baked goods will easily pop out of, even when they're not coated in oil. You also won't have to spend your precious time scrubbing it down, because burnt bits won't cling to its non-stick surface.

    A person taking the silicone pan filled with egg muffins out of a toaster oven

    8. A pack of colourful fabric scrunchies that won't yank or pull at your mane. It comes with a whopping 65 hair ties, so you won't have to stress if you lose one at the gym or a friend's house.

    Eight scrunchies on a sculptural display

    9. A strawberry-flavoured Softlips lip balm that's infused with argan oil, beeswax, and mukul to moisturize and soften your lips. Its colour adjusts with your body's natural pH levels, so you'll always be rocking your perfect shade.

    A person holding up a tube of the lip balm

    10. A ruffled shower curtain that'll make your boring bathtub look a little bit fancier. It has built-in ring holes that make attaching it to any rod an actual breeze.

    A ruffled shower curtain in front of a bathtub

    11. A collapsible dish bin that won't take up a ton of cupboard or counter space. It has cutouts in the top where you can hang your wine glasses, so they won't shatter under the weight of a plate.

    12. A trio of brow and lash tools that'll help you achieve perfectly sculpted brows and clump-free lashes. They have long, ergonomic handles that'll allow you easily comb and fill in your hairs.

    The three tools on a magazine next to a bottle of perfume

    13. A foldable laptop stand that'll save you from slouching over your desk while you work (good posture is important, people!). It has a completely exposed base, leaving your vent uncovered, so your computer won't overheat.

    A foldable laptop stand

    14. A peel-off charcoal mask that'll painlessly help to lift blackheads and other impurities right out of your skin, without removing natural oils. The tube has a silicone tip that makes the product super easy (and mess free) to apply.

    A person using the silicone tip to apply the product to their face

    15. A floral tapestry that'll give your room a some serious garden vibes, without giving you the responsibility of becoming a plant parent. You can also use it as a table cloth, if you're throwing a dinner party and want to spruce up your spread.

    The tapestry above a bed

    16. A pair of grooved stacking mats that'll help you organize your cans and bottles without any extra packaging. Reviewers say they're especially great for keeping their fridges organized and love that they keep their beverages from tumbling out every time they want to grab a drink.

    Fifteen cans stacked in a pyramid on the stacking mat

    17. A deodorant-removing sponge, in case you accidentally get white marks on your clothes when you're getting ready in a hurry. Reviewers say that it's also great for removing laundry detergent residue, as well.

    A deodorant-removing sponge next to a black shirt and a stick of deodorant

    18. A pack of nutrient-dense fertilizer spikes that are packed with vitamins to keep your greenery happy and healthy. They can even help revive those on the verge of death and save you from unnecessary plant funerals.

    19. A retractable travel lint roller that'll help you defuzz and defluff on the go. Reviewers say it's ultra sticky, effective, and doesn't eat up too much space in their bags (it's about as small as a highlighter).

    20. A pack of wooden clip hangers made specifically for pants, so they won't eat up unnecessary space in your drawers. Reviewers love that they're lined with fabric padding, so they won't leave marks or snag your favourite slacks.

    Seven hangers stacked on top of each other

    21. A set of ultra-soft microbfibre sheets that'll keep your bed looking its best, even when it's too hot to cover it with a duvet. It's available in a ton of different patterns and colours, so you're bound to find one that suits your style.

    The flat sheet and pillowcase on a bed

    22. A jade massage tool that'll help increase blood flow and microcirculation in your skin. Reviewers say it helps with puffiness and makes them look and feel more refreshed.

    23. A roll of frosted film that'll block out harmful UV rays and keep your nosy neighbours from peeping into your home. They're transparent enough to let the light in, so you don't have to live under the cover of darkness at all times.

    24. An under-bed shoe organizer with a transparent top that'll keep your ever-growing footwear collection out of sight and clear up space in your entryway, too. The removable dividers can be easily adjusted to fit different-sized pairs of shoes and boots.

    Six pairs of shoes inside the shoe organizer

    25. A bottle of fast-drying nail polish drops that'll set your manicure in 60 seconds flat. It's packed with jojoba oil and vitamin E, so it'll help keep your cuticles in tip-top shape, too.

    A person putting nail polish drops on their finished manicure

    26. A pack of recyclable wax paper bags that you can use to bring your snacks with you on the go. They come with handy, colourful stickers so that you can seal your bags in style.

    Several bags filled with snacks

    27. A two-tier under-the-sink shelf that'll give you extra space to store all your lotions and potions. It can be expanded to fit your space perfectly, and has sliding shelves that you can adjust to make room for plumbing fixtures and pipes.

    Cleaning supplies on the shelf under a sink

    28. A handy phone mount that clips right to your car's air vent and will allow you to keep an eye on your map while you're driving. It has rubber-coated feet and arms that hold your device in place, so you won't have to worry about it getting bashed around on bumpy roads.

    An iPhone  secured in the phone mount

    29. A pack of clownfish-shaped tub stickers that'll add a little fun to your bath situation and to keep your feet from slipping and sliding around on puddles of water while you go through your routine. Reviewers say they have a strong grip and don't peel off easily (unless you're trying to remove them).

    Five clownfish tub stickers on the bottom of a bathtub with a rubber ducky

    30. A relaxing Clean & Clear jelly sheet mask that'll soothe your skin with seaweed extract and hyaluronic acid. Reviewers love that it has a cooling effect and say it leaves their skin looking soft, plump, and healthy.

    Three jelly sheet masks in their packaging

    31. A pair of silicone ice cube trays that’ll make massive frosty bricks that will keep your cocktails and iced beverages extra frosty (and look cool doing it). They melt slower than smaller cubes, so you won't end up sipping on a watered-down, diluted drink.

    The ice cube tray next to two cubes and a cocktail

    32. A trio of bestselling wall mount hooks that'll give your cleaning tools a home, so they never go MIA again. They have a strong adhesive backing, so you don't even have to bust out a drill to install them.

    Two wall hooks holding two different broom handles

    33. And finally, a set of silicone cord ties to help organize all those wires and doodads that are currently floating around your junk drawer. Now you won't have to sift through a mess of tangled headphones and knotted computer chargers to get what you need!

    Five cord ties stretched out a table next to headphones and a charger wrapped with cord ties

    You to everything on this list:

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