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    23 Amazon Canada Products You’ll Wish You'd Discovered Years Ago

    Why yes, I do need all of these.

    1. A bottle of heel rescue cream that'll hydrate your dry, cracked feet, leaving them softer than ever. Reviewers say it works magic on calluses and eczema, too.

    A person holding the bottle of heel rescue

    2. A salad dressing shaker that'll help you whip up perfectly blended vinaigrettes and marinades in mere seconds. The wire ball will emulsify your ingredients and keep them from separating before you even have the chance to pour them over your leafy greens.

    The salad dressing shaker surrounded by ingredients

    3. A cat tunnel with a built-in bed that'll give your four-legged friend a place to play and snooze. The whole thing is collapsible so you can tuck it away when you have friends over and need a lil' more space.

    A cat in the bed in front of the tunnel

    4. A non-stick egg bite mould that'll help you create protein-packed snacks with barely any effort. It's the perfect size for a pressure cooker so you can pop it in your Instant Pot if you don't want to labour over your stove.

    The mould with egg bites in it

    5. A pair of silicone AirPod hooks that'll keep your earbuds from slipping out. Reviewers say they're super comfortable and that they keep their pods in place, even when they're doing high-intensity workouts.

    A person wearing the hooks on their headphones

    6. A Maybelline liner pen that'll help you create the perfect wing with a flick of your wrist. It has over 12,000 positive reviews and people say it lasts all day without smudging.

    A person without winged liner on their eye and a person after applying winged liner

    7. A change holder so you'll always have a nickel to purchase a plastic bag and a coin for your grocery cart. You can pop it right into one of your car's cup holders so you'll no longer have to go digging in your glove compartment or centre console to find funds.

    A person putting a coin into the holder

    8. An ergonomic laptop stand that'll improve posture so you won't turn into the Hunchback of Notre Dame when you're surfing and scrolling. It's adjustable to standing height, meaning you won't need to invest in a pricey new desk to stretch your legs while you work.

    9. A tick-removal kit that'll save your dog from being plagued by pests after adventuring in the wild. Reviewers say they're the best tools they've ever used and love that they can get ticks out with a single twist.

    10. A bottle of non-toxic, biodegradable stain and odour eliminator that'll banish stinky smells from your home. Whether you got sweat all over your yoga mat or your pup peed on your carpet (again), this stuff is bound to come in handy.

    The bottle of spray on a yoga mat

    11. A lipstick-sized hair-removing tool that'll get rid of that annoying peach fuzz in seconds. Reviewers say it removes hairs painlessly and that it doesn't leave behind any redness.

    A person using the tool on their upper lip

    12. A stovetop splatter guard that'll block your cooktop and backsplash when you're deep-frying veggies or whipping up bacon. It has a nonstick coating, making it a breeze to wipe down after cooking.

    A pan of bacon surrounded by the splatter guard

    13. This ergonomic wireless mouse that looks like Tony Stark's Iron Man mask. Reviewers love that the eyes light up when it's in use and say it's comfortable enough to use all day long.

    The Iron Man mouse on a laptop keyboard

    14. A Harry Styles colouring book that'll keep you away from your screens for a hot sec. Now you can waste your time gazing into the former One Direction crooner's two-dimensional eyes and shading in his tousled tresses.

    15. A pair of self-adhesive drawers where you can stash extra stationery supplies, remotes, and any other small doodads. If your desk is drawerless or you've already crammed it with stuff, these will help you stay organized and clutter-free.

    A person putting a remote in the drawer

    16. A bottle of budget-friendly Neutrogena T/Gel shampoo that'll help control itching and keep your scalp happy. Reviewers say that it does wonders for psoriasis and dandruff, and that it works better than any other treatment they've tried (including the expensive stuff).

    A person holding the shampoo in front of a plant

    17. A pack of hands-free bag holders that'll help you transfer meal-prepped ingredients and leftovers into reusable storage bags. They have non-slip bases so they won't slide around your countertop or topple over while you're pouring.

    Four bags in the bag holders with veggies inside

    18. A deodorant-removing sponge in case you accidentally get white marks on your clothes when you're getting ready in a hurry. Reviewers say it’s also great for removing laundry detergent residue.

    A deodorant-removing sponge next to a black shirt and a stick of deodorant

    19. A sliding dishwasher magnet that'll save you from brawling with your roommate about throwing their pasta-covered plate in with your fresh, beautiful dishes.

    The slidable magnet on a dishwasher set to dirty

    20. A rolling pet hair-removing brush that'll rid your furniture of stray fur in just a few swipes. It can be used on both hard and soft surfaces so you can even use it to clean your floors.

    A person cleaning their sofa with the pet hair-removing brush

    21. A pack of waterproof makeup-removing pads that'll gently cleanse your lids and lashes so you'll never go to sleep in full glam again. Reviewers say they don't irritate their sensitive skin and love that they don't leave behind any gross residue.

    Several tubs of waterproof makeup remover pads

    22. A set of crisper inserts that'll extend the life of your produce so you won't have to constantly purchase new greens. Because they'll suction right to the walls of your drawers, they won't eat up valuable veggie real estate.

    A crisper inset on the wall of  fridge drawer

    23. And finally, a five-pack of paint touch-up pens that you can use to cover up unsightly dings, dents, and scratches. Just use the syringe-like mechanism to fill them with your paint and then get down to business — it's *that* easy.

    A person using the pen to cover up a scratch between light switches

    You to every single thing on this list:

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