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    31 Products From Amazon Canada That You've Probably Never Seen Before (But Definitely Need)

    IMO, these are, like, real cool.

    1. A handy Instant Pot cutting board that features the cook times for everything from beef stew to black-eyed peas, so you'll never have to do any guesswork in the kitchen. It's made of bamboo, so it's more eco-friendly than plastic alternatives, too.

    The cutting board with cauliflower on top of it

    2. A portable colour sensor that'll help you figure out exactly what shade everything inside (and outside!) your home is. You can pair it with a free app that'll help you match colours with top paint brands, so you'll never have to use swatches again.

    A person holding the colour sensor up to a leaf

    3. A set of cow print sheets that's udder-ly adorable and will make you want to ditch your boring bedding for good. You can grab the matching duvet cover, too, if you want to update your entire sleeping situation.

    The cow print bed sheets on a bed

    4. An Art Deco-inspired light therapy lamp that won't mess with your home decor vibes. Not only will it look great on your desk, but it can help ease seasonal affective disorder symptoms, regulate your sleep cycle, and make you less fatigued (among other things).

    The light surrounded by a mug, keyboard, and stack of books

    5. A retractable clothesline that you can use to hang dry your blouses and trousers, without busting out a complicated drying contraption (or filling your shower rod with hangers). It's completely adjustable and can hold up to 44 pounds, so you won't need to worry about it snapping.

    Two shirts hanging from the line

    6. A set of Star Wars glass food containers that you can store your leftovers in. Since they're covered in cute Yoda and Wookie illustrations, you'll never question which containers belong to you and which belong to your roommate.

    The food containers stacked on top of each other

    7. A cozy wearable blanket that won't slide off your shoulders like a traditional throw. It even has feet, so your tootsies will stay toasty (even when your slippers have gone MIA).

    8. A Harry Styles colouring book that'll keep you away from your screens for a hot sec. Now you can waste your time gazing into the former One Direction crooner's two-dimensional eyes and shading in his tousled tresses.

    9. A clip-on security mirror that'll allow you to see everything that's going on behind you while you click-clack away on your computer. Now nobody will be able to sneak up and see your screen when you're doing "research" 😉.

    The mirror clipped onto a monitor

    10. A minimalist earring display stand with a catchall dish at the bottom for your other bling. If you've got plenty of stray studs, this will help you get a bit more organized.

    The display stand covered in earrings and jewelry

    11. A velvety heating pad that you can wear like a vest, meaning it won't slide off when you're doing chores or typing on your computer. Reviewers say it's a must have for anyone who works at a desk and say that it's helped ease their neck and shoulder pains like nothing else.

    A person wearing the heating pad while working on their computer

    12. A flexible silicone spatula with an ultra-long handle that can actually reach the bottom of your blender. Reviewers love that it can get into every crevace of their appliances, without getting stuck under the blades.

    A person using the spatula in their blender

    13. A sloped dry erase board that you can scrawl all your work-related notes on (or use for doodling during lengthy conference calls). It has an open base, so you can store your back up sticky notes and erasers underneath.

    The whiteboard in front of a keyboard

    14. An aluminum Game Boy-shaped card holder that'll keep all your Nintendo Switch cartridges in one place. Not only is it super cute, but it'll keep your games from getting beat up.

    15. An Andy Warhol Lego set that's trickier than those rockets and castles you made when you were a kid and will give you some new art to display when it's completed. It has 3,332 pieces, so prepare to be working on it for a while.

    16. A stainless steel mixing palette that you can use to create custom makeup and nail polish shades. It comes with a lil' spatula, so you won't have to get your brushes dirty before you're ready to start buffing and blending.

    A person holding the palette and spatula

    17. A pack of hands-free bag holders that'll help you transfer meal-prepped ingredients and leftovers into reusable storage bags. They have non-slip bases, so they won't slide around your countertop or topple over while you're pouring.

    Four bags in the bag holders with veggies inside

    18. A cactus-shaped cat tree that'll give your feline friend something (besides your furniture) to scratch the heck out of. It has a sturdy carpeted base that'll save your pet from knocking it over when they're playing rough.

    A cat scratching the post

    19. A high-tech fan and clock combo device that'll have you feeling like you're living in the year 3000. It has a flexible neck, so you can direct the breeze wherever you want.

    The clock plugged into a laptop

    20. A treat holder that you can clip right to your phone, so you can finally get a good pic of your canine companion. It's made of flexible silicone, so you won't have to stress about it damaging your screen.

    A person taking a selfie with their dog using the treat holder

    21. An electric chocolate melting pot, if you've got a serious sweet tooth that needs tending to. Reviewers say it's also great for warming up wax, if you like doing your beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home.

    A person dipping a strawberry into chocolate

    22. A toothbrush-sanitizing cabinet with built-in UV lights that'll keep your brushes and razor free of gross germs. It has a handy toothpaste pocket, so it'll clear up even more space on your countertop (that real estate is precious!).

    23. A yoga knee pad that'll help make any pose or plank more comfortable. It's made of eco-friendly foam and has a non-slip bottom that'll stop it from sliding around while you exercise.

    A person kneeling on the knee pad

    24. A roll of faux stained glass covering that'll block out harmful UV rays and keep your nosy neighbours from peeping into your home. They're transparent enough to let the light in, so you won't be stuck living under the cover of darkness at all times.

    The stained glass covering on a window

    25. A pair of dog-shaped cord wraps for your wires that'll save them from turning into a tangled mess. It can be used for headphones, phone cords, and everything in between.

    26. A pocketed laptop sleeve that has space for all your chargers and smaller gadgets. It'll easily slide into any backpack or suitcase and will save your cables from getting twisted and tangled to death.

    27. This shaggy office chair that'll add some Muppet realness to your office space. Reviewers say it's super soft and doesn't make their backs act up, even after hours of working at their desk.

    The chair in front of a desk

    28. A corner punch that'll give any photo, document, or keepsake a rounded edge. Reviewers say it's strong enough to cut through laminated sheets and thicker cardstock, meaning you can use it for more intense crafting projects.

    The corner punch surrounded by paper

    29. A pair of rice ball moulds that'll help you create aesthetically-pleasing snacks. If you're into creating bento art or just want to amp up your onigiri, these are bound to come in handy.

    Two rice balls in front of the two moulds

    30. A pair of faux leather neck pillows that'll strap onto you headrests and make every car ride more comfortable. Reviewers say that using one gives them better driving posture and that it helps relieve tension and pain.

    Two pillows on headrests in a car

    31. And finally, a few packs of sweet barbecue vegan jerky that'll help you give into your carnivore cravings, without cheating on your plant-based diet. Reviewers say it actually looks, smells, and tastes like the real deal.

    Several strips of jerky

    You to every single one of these products:

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