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    33 Holy Grail Beauty Products That People Actually Swear By

    A bunch of them are under $15!

    1. A stick of Maybelline concealer that'll trick people into thinking you got a full night of sleep, even when you're battling insomnia (it me). Reviewers say it has killer coverage and can be used on blemishes, too.

    2. A pair of self-warming hand masks, if your digits could use a little TLC and hand cream just isn't cutting it. They're packed with a hydrating coconut-infused serum that'll give your skin a much-needed dose of moisture and combat calluses and dry patches, too.

    A person wearing a large glove on their hand

    3. A pack of Cosrx pimple patches that'll suck the gross stuff right out of your zits, saving you from poking, prodding, and irritating your face. Reviewers say they work miracles on cystic acne and love that foundation and concealer glide right over them.

    4. A jar of cult-favourite Aztec Secret bentonite clay mask that will suck every last bit of gunk out of your pores in under 20 minutes (and make you look like a swamp monster). You can also use it as a spot treatment, if you don't want to cover your whole face.

    5. A Tower 28 lip jelly, if you're tired of the matte lip trend and prefer the look of a plumper, juicier pout. The formula is oil based, meaning you won't have to deal with the dreaded stickiness of a traditional gloss.

    6. A jar of Neutrogena Hydro Boost Face Moisturizer that's formulated for extra-dry skin and will give your face the moisture it's desperately wanted and needed all winter. It's super light, so it won't make your face feel congested like heavier creams.

    7. Or, if you're in the market for something a bit bougier, a tub of Glamglow Waterburst Hydrated Glow Moisturizer that'll deliver up to three days of moisture without feeling heavy. It's also great for skincare newbies who don't want to pack on layers of serums and oils, because this baby does it all.

    8. This magical Revlon one-step styler that'll dry, volumize, and style your tresses all in one go. Now you won't need to mess around with a thousand hair tools when you're running late.

    9. A bottle of The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% solution that'll help banish annoying breakouts and balance your skin. If hormonal zits are your worst enemy, consider this your knight in shining armour.

    10. And a bottle of Verb Ghost Oil that's infused with bamboo extract, moringa seed oil, and argan oil to strengthen your locks and minimize frizz. It's thicker than most hair serums, and delivers some serious hydrating results with just a few pumps.

    11. A pair of handy skincare applicators that'll make applying any mask, face cream, or moisturizer a less messy experience. Plus, they'll save you from transferring gross bacteria from your hands to your face (nobody wants that!).

    12. A liquid eyeliner pen from Rare Beauty that'll help you achieve a cat eye that's sharp as a knife (thanks, Selena). It'll stay put all day long, so you won't have to worry about one wing magically vanishing while you're out and about.

    13. A tube of Supergoop's Unseen Sunscreen that'll protect your precious skin from the sun's harsh rays, without giving you a breakout. It's super smooth, non greasy, lightweight, and won't clog your pores.

    A person holding the tube of sunscreen

    14. A gel brow pencil from MILK makeup that'll help you achieve the fluffy brows you've always dreamed of having, but lack the hair for. The opposite end of the pencil is a spoolie, so you can easily brush away any harsh lines.

    15. This Tower 28 lip and cheek tint that's creamy, dreamy, and downright gorgeous. It's formulated with aloe vera extract, so it'll actually hydrate your skin, instead of leaving it looking cake-y.

    A person holding the blush with two swatches on their arm

    16. This Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask that'll fizz up to gently massage any build-up out of your pores. You'll actually be able to feel the oil leaving your skin, which I'm pretty sure is something that all acne-afflicted people want to experience.

    17. This Laneige lip mask that'll save your lips from feeling like sandpaper. You can wear it as a mask overnight or as a heftier balm in the day, if your lips are totally parched.

    A person holding a small jar with a lip mask inside

    18. A lengthening Ilia mascara that'll make your lashes look like tiny spider legs (in a good way). It's loaded with shea butter and beeswax, so it'll keep your lashes hydrated and healthy, too.

    A person before using the mascara and the same person after putting it on, with visibly longer eyelashes

    19. These Skyn Iceland gel eye masks that'll help de-puff your under-eye area and reduce dark circles, too. They have a cooling effect, so they may help wake you up on an early morning (or after a hangover).

    20. A pair of beauty product spatulas that'll help you get every last bit of product out of your makeup containers. Gone are the days of throwing out half of your $72 holy grail foundation before it's even done.

    21. A set of transparent, coiled hair ties that'll keep your hair free of crazy crimps and tangles, and won't cause breakage when you slide them off. They also look cuter than classic hair ties when you rock them on your wrists.

    A hand holding several of the clear, coiled hair ties

    22. A tub of Mario Badescu silver powder that'll suck the gross stuff right out of your pores. It's made of natural ingredients, including kaolin clay, zinc oxide, and calcium carbonate that'll help shrink the appearance of your pores and mattify your complexion.

    23. A tube of hair-repairing treatment mask that'll bring your poor, over-styled tresses back from the dead. It's great if you've been going crazy with heat tools or coloured your hair a few too many times.

    24. A dual-ended tube of e.l.f. lash and brow gel that'll help you achieve a "no-makeup" makeup look in seconds. It's not sticky at all, but will lift your brow hairs and lashes to the high heavens and keep them there all day long.

    25. A bottle of balancing Ole Henriksen toner that'll give you a fresh face without stripping your skin or leaving it feeling tight. I react to most toners, but this one keeps my pores happy and my face zit free.

    A person holding the toner in front of a brick wall

    26. A tub of Briogeo Scalp Revival micro-exfoliating shampoo that's packed with coconut oil and charcoal to banish built-up product and dry skin like a dream. Buh-bye, dandruff!

    27. This budget-friendly nail cream that'll make your talons longer and stronger than ever before. It can also be used to moisturize your hands and dry, calloused feet, if that's something you struggle with.

    A person holding a tub of nail cream

    28. This weightless foundation from Rare Beauty that has the texture of a serum — it’ll actually let your skin breathe. It has an oversized doe-foot applicator that'll save you from over applying and wasting precious drops of product.

    29. A tub of Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream that smells like a vacation and will help combat the negative effects winter weather has on skin (aka dullness and dryness). Just slather it on and soak in the sweet scents and moisture.

    30. A hair diffuser that'll attach right to your blow dryer and help you achieve the bounciest curls ever. The ultra-wide face will allow you to style your hair in larger chunks, so it won't take eons to get every tousled twirl just right.

    A before and after showing that the diffuser makes Brittany's hair waves much more defined and bouncy

    31. This gel leave-on mask that'll work its magic while you're snoozin' the night away. It's super lightweight and will give your skin the moisture it needs in these dry and trying times.

    Victoria holds up a jar of the mask against her face with her eyes closed happily

    32. A tube of Cosrx gel cleanser that'll leave your face feeling squeaky clean, without getting rid of its natural oils (you need those)! It smells a little medicinal, but it works actual magic when it comes to getting gunk out of your pores.

    A person holding the tube in front of a puzzle

    33. And finally, a tub of Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Hair Masque that'll make your locks sleeker and shinier than ever. It comes with a tangle tamer brush that'll help you evenly distribute the product, so you don't end up with any dry patches.

    You after all your new products arrive:

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