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    22 Cute Apartment Finds From Amazon Canada That'll Get You A Ton Of Compliments

    I want all of these in my home immediately.

    1. A wavy mirror that'll have everyone asking, "where did you get that?" (they probably won't believe you when you say it's from Amazon, either). Cute selfies, ahoy!

    The mirror on a houndstooth tablecloth

    2. A checkered throw blanket that'll cozy up your space. It's super soft and large enough to wrap your whole bod in — I guess you could also share if you're feeling generous.

    The blanket on a bed with a tray, a teacup, and a book on it

    3. A set of Art Deco highball glasses if your boring ol' cups aren't doing your cocktails and mocktails justice. They come in a fancy-schmancy box that makes them great for gifting, too.

    Two glasses on a gold bar cart filled with cocktails

    4. A set of candle holders that look way more expensive than they actually are. Reviewers say they make great centrepieces, so I highly suggest using them to amp up your table sitch next time you host an event.

    Three candles on the candle holders

    5. A fruit tart bed with a foam core that comes with a collection of adorable food-inspired toys to keep your cat or dog busy while you're sleeping. It'll also look adorbs next to your bed, which is obviously a huge win.

    A cat inside the tart surrounded by stuffed fruit

    6. A propagation station that'll give your itty-bitty plant clippings a place to grow. The three glass vases are lined with blue silica and faux shells, making them a touch more interesting than whatever you're using right now.

    The three propagation vases with plants in them on their bamboo base

    7. A curvy lil' light that won't take up every inch of space on your bedside table. Reviewers love that the light isn't bright white — it's warm, making it great for pre-snooze reading and journalling.

    The light on a bedside table

    8. A lil' trinket dish where you can stash your rings, necklaces, and other bling.

    A person putting a necklace into the dish

    9. Or a spinning jewellery tree that'll keep your chains and hoops from turning into a tangled mess. Since the base is a catchall dish, you can use it to store smaller baubles and accessories, too.

    The jewellery tree with earrings and necklaces on it on a dresser

    10. A speaker that looks like an old-school VW van if you're tired of your busted, old one ruining the ✨vibe✨ of your apartment. Reviewers are super impressed by the sound quality and battery life (and obvi love how cute it is).

    11. A velvet shell chair that'll give your living room 🎶under the sea🎶 energy. A ton of reviewers have purchased it for their makeshift home offices and love that they can sit cross-legged in it.

    The chair beside a window on a chevron carpet

    12. A light-up word clock that's way cooler than that analog one you inherited from your parents. Reviewers say they get a ton of compliments on it and that it's a great talking piece.

    The clock in front of a plant on a wood table

    13. A curvy mushroom incense holder if your love for toadstools knows no bounds. Not only will it spruce up your space, but if you grab some incense sticks, you can use it make your apartment smell 110x better.

    The toadstool holder with an incense stick inside

    14. A faux leather cover if you're sick and tired of looking at that eyesore of a Kleenex box your tissues came in. The bottom has a Velcro belt that'll keep it secure, so you won't have to worry about everything coming apart when you inevitably knock it off your table in the midst of a sneezing fit.

    Two Kleenex boxes with covers on them

    15. A TikTok-famous moon lamp that's seriously out of this world. Since you can change the colour and flashing pattern with the remote, you won't have to leave your blanket burrito to adjust the ambiance in your room.

    16. A mini trash can with gold accents that has a smart sensor in the lid, allowing you to open it with the wave of a hand. Thanks to its size, it's perfect for small spaces and can even be tucked away on your desk or kitchen counter.

    The trash can on a kitchen counter

    17. A book tree that'll keep your collection of novels, magazines, and textbooks from eating up valuable floor space in your living room or bedroom.

    The book tree in a bedroom

    18. A cereal bowl candle that literally made me squeal when I saw it. You may not even want to burn it because it's so dang cute.

    The cereal bowl candle on a newspaper

    19. And a candle warmer so you won't have to deal with flames or smoke to get your apartment smelling 💯. It's not just a one-trick pony though, it also doubles as a light so you can set the ~mood~ in more ways than one.

    The candle warmer on a desk

    20. A pack of adhesive spice jar labels that'll help you distinguish your thyme from your oregano without doing the sniff test. They're water-resistant, so you won't have to stress about them getting splashed with sauce during the cooking process.

    Several jars with labels on them

    21. A pinch pleat comforter set that'll add a bit of texture to your boring bedroom. Reviewers love how lightweight it is and say that it holds up well, even after being put through the wash a few times.

    A bed with the pleated comforter and shams on it

    22. And finally, a circular cheese board that you can use to create Insta-worthy fromage platters for all your events. It has a hidden drawer that fits the four included knives perfectly so you won't need to order extra tools.

    Two knives and a wheel of brie on the board

    You showing off your newly redecorated space like:

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