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    27 Beautiful Versions Of Things You Use All The Time

    All the things that will make your life more beautiful.

    1. A set of artsy portable phone chargers that look like they actually belong in the MoMA. You'll never be able to afford the real deals, so why not flex Van Gogh on your devices.

    2. A matte brass jewelry stand that'll keep your necklaces untangled, your earrings in pairs, and your vanity looking fierce.

    3. A set of patterned egg holders that'll make you want to Instagram your breakfast plate more than usual. Get that #yolkporn, baby.

    4. A set of rose gold hooks that you can use in every room of your house. From hanging plants to organizing your accessories, these lil' guys can do it all.

    5. A set of marble-pattern makeup brushes that are so pretty that you'll forget about everything else in your collection.

    6. A sleek bento box that'll make you want to kiss all your other lunch boxes goodbye. Who needs marinara-stained plastic when you could have this chic number to carry last night's couscous in?

    7. A brushed steel watering can that'll inspire you to actually take care of your indoor garden. No more plant funerals for you!

    8. A cracked glass garbage can that'll make your trash look like actual treasure.

    9. A stylish jute basket that you can use to stow away anything that's cramping your style (you know, like baby stuff, laundry, or dog toys).

    10. A set of geometric desktop planters that can double as makeup brush holders or stationery caddies.

    11. A microfiber drying mat that'll blend right in with your marble countertop (or make it look like you have a marble countertop).

    12. A pour over coffee maker that will make your brunch spread even more photogenic.

    13. A multi-use toilet paper holder that you can use to stow away extra rolls of toilet paper, magazines, and other treasures.

    14. A set of rose gold cutlery that is so dang pretty you'll wonder why you have it stored away in a drawer.

    15. A tissue box house that will remind that beautiful things exist when you have an ugly cold.

    16. A bamboo bathroom accessory set that will make your sink area look hotel-level chic. Definitely a more aesthetically-pleasing (and hygienic) option than leaving everything on your countertop.

    17. A set of diamond-shaped tumblers so that everything you drink tastes expensive.

    18. A set of picture frame sticky notes that'll turn your boring work memos into little masterpieces.

    19. A sleek salt and pepper mill that are so much nicer than the canisters you get at the grocery store and will make your kitchen look like it's owned by an actual adult.

    20. A bamboo shower caddy that'll make your products easy to grab and every shower feel like a spa experience.

    21. A floral AirPod case, because even your smallest accessories deserve to feel beautiful.

    22. A glass creamer box that trumps its cardboard counterpart by like 100% in the style department.

    23. A gold butterfly razor that will add a bit of sparkle to the most tedious part of your shower routine. Nobody enjoys shaving, but this might make it a bit more bearable.

    24. A set of cute, reusable pastel straws to replace plastic ones, because who needs those anyway?

    25. A set of silky satin pillowcases that'll make you feel like royalty when you crawl into bed at night.

    26. A set of copper measuring cups that'll make you feel like a Food Network chef.

    27. And finally, a roll of marble duct tape to make even broken things beautiful.

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