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Graphic Designers' Worst Nightmares

These things keep us up at night and haunt us if we sleep.

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Getting a PSD file from another designer and discovering that everything is flattened.

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Accidentally rendering something huge and now you have to face the spinning wheel of death.

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Getting a PSD file with an insane amount of unnamed layers.

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Bringing all the essential tools with you except for your stylus.

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Why God, whyyyyy? Don't you dare tell me to use the trackpad instead.

Accidentally discovering a really useful shortcut but have no idea what you pressed to get it.

Press all the keys!

Having to open a mega giant file that takes an eternity to open and save.

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Finishing a comp only to realize you made it the wrong size.

I chose the wrong career.

Having to go through your client's countless unorganized Dropbox folders to find the file they're talking about.

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Just nopes all around.

When this friendly reminder pops up.

And of course, the classic: not saving before the program decided to quit on you.

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Every. F#&*ing. Time.

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