People In Canada And The US Are Positively BURIED In Wildfire Smoke, And The Pictures Are So Incredibly Intense

    New York City had the worst air quality of any major city in the world by Tuesday evening, and code reds were issued in much of the northeast, mid-Atlantic, and Midwest.

    1. This week, smoke from hundreds of Canadian wildfires has blanketed large portions of the US and Canada.

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    2. As of Tuesday morning, New York is the epicenter, as the smoke from over 400 active wildfires in Canada drifts south.

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    3. New waves of smoke have been rolling in for over a day now.

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    4. And for much of Tuesday evening, New York City had the worst air quality ranking of every major city in the world.

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    5. People can barely see out of their windows.

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    6. And what they can see is frankly terrifying.

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    7. Skylines are completely blurred.

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    8. Entire buildings are disappearing.

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    9. It's so bad that people can't tell if the smoke is coming from the Canadian wildfires or a fire mere feet away.

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    10. People are even comparing the smoke to apocalypse movies — and the pictures are practically identical.

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    11. It seriously looks like a scene from The Day After Tomorrow.

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    12. Or like the smoke monster on Lost.

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    13. People all across the Northeast are sharing unnaturally red and orange pictures of the sun.

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    14. Some can barely see the sun through all the smoke...

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    15. ...and others can't see it at all.

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    16. By the end of Tuesday, the smoke blanketed most of New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

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    17. It reached as far south as Virginia...

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    18. far north as Québec province, where the fires are still going strong...

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    19. ...and as far west as Wisconsin.

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    20. But people in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia woke up to a code red on Wednesday morning.

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    21. Area schools have canceled all outdoor activities.

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    22. As of noon on Wednesday, New York City still has some of the worst air quality in the world, coming in at #4.

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    23. And Detroit is #10.

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    24. Someone pointed out the darkly hilarious irony that the smoke first started causing problems on the night of June 5, which is the United Nations' World Environment Day.

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    25. But seriously, this smoke is no joke. Natural disasters like this are bound to continue due to climate change.

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    So make sure you stay indoors, mask up if you go outside, and drink lots of water!