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    These 30 People Took Their Neighborhood Beefs To Social Media, And They Are FED UP

    Between Nextdoor and Facebook groups...sorry, Mr. Rogers, but it's not a beautiful day in these neighborhoods.

    Ah, neighbors — the foundation of Mr. Rogers' little utopia.

    In reality, some of the worst human interactions of the modern era take place in neighborhood social media groups.

    No conflict or gripe is too small to inspire incandescent rage, but one topic in particular stokes the flames of unrest: fireworks.

    1. "Gunshot or fireworks? I'm calling the cops either way."

    All the neighborhood Karens running to complain on the neighborhood Facebook group after hearing fireworks

    Twitter: @jessithebuckeye

    Absolutely fuck fireworks, but the issue certainly isn't getting solved on Facebook.

    2. "The Star-Spangled Banner" would sound veeeeery different if this person wrote it.

    Twitter: @bestofnextdoor

    Me @ my brain when I get The Song That Never Ends stuck in my head despite not hearing it in over two decades.

    3. As far as TED Talks go...we've seen worse.

    My very angry Ted Talk to my Facebook neighborhood group.

    Twitter: @KellyScaletta

    4. Bonus points if the fireworks post is intricately entangled with a commenter's concepts of patriotism and freedom.

    Screen shot of Facebook comments

    5. Of course, some people live for the drama like they're watching the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Bumblefuck, USA.

    Heading right over to my neighborhood’s Facebook group the second the sun goes down tonight so I can watch people duke it out over fireworks

    Twitter: @GovernorAnne

    It's me. I'm "some people."

    Frankly, few things are more entertaining than watching your neighbors duke it out over petty quibbles — especially if they have a flair for the dramatic.

    6. Who among us has not hated every single other person among us?

    "When neighbors start talking, good things happen." 🏡

    Twitter: @bestofnextdoor

    7. The anti-choicer was murdered by the Chalk Slayer, on the driveway, with the uterine art.

    chalk slay 🤞 hoping to piss off some of the idiots in my neighborhood facebook group

    Twitter: @magnoliaadelle

    8. There are two kinds of people: the First-Line Comment War Soldiers and the Reserve Comment-Liking Reinforcements.

    I need the people in the Altadena neighborhood facebook group I’m in to wake up, get online and start liking my comments so I win this comment war I’m in under a post shaming another neighbor. Guys I DO NOT LIVE IN ALTADENA I HAVEN’T EVEN HAD COFFEE PLEASE HELP.

    Twitter: @girlwithatail

    9. Economic trends 🤝 David's ego → overly inflated

    I think I just murdered someone in the neighborhood Facebook group.

    Twitter: @MinusPeach

    10. And on the seventh day, this hero rested.

    I got blocked from my neighborhood’s facebook group for this comment. 😂😂 #CancelCulture

    Twitter: @rj175BURNER

    11. *Kim Kardashian GIF* It's what she deserves.

    ok literally i think the senior citizens in my neighborhood bullied this girl off of nextdoor, her account seems to no longer exist

    Twitter: @arb

    12. Finally, we can throw those pesky Slow Children At Play signs away!!!

    neighborhood facebook group wants to get a summer camp cancelled because it's going to shut down one block of parking spots 🚗 👍

    Twitter: @laws_respecter

    13. More like homeowners ASSociation, amirite?????

    me watching the neighborhood Facebook group very gradually but decisively turn against the HOA

    Twitter: @CheeseForEvery1

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Fuck HOAs.

    14. Don't you just hate it when the millennial/Gen Z a-hole living in your mirror accurately reflects your Karen status back at you?

    Babe you putting this on Nextdoor proves their point.

    Twitter: @molly_knight

    15. Yes, I'm MAGA: Make America Get rid of dingdong ditch Again.

    I was curious if Nextdoor was talking about the kids who dingdong ditched the neighborhood last night and Nextdoor Boomers are losing their utter shit that some kids *checks notes* rang the doorbell and ran away. A real normal response.

    Twitter: @KikiDoodleTweet


    17. Someone has made QUITE the enemy out of the local Proud Potato-Hating Lexus Owners community.

    Screen shot of a post ending in, "This town has taken a turn for the worse. Thank you."

    18. If you're not sure if you're in the Racist Facebook Group, you probably are.

    Every majority-white city neighborhood or close ring suburb has The Normal Facebook Group and The Racist Facebook Group

    Twitter: @SorenSpicknall

    19. If you leave home heading west with your dog and only pass 13 American flags in two and a half miles, how much will you embarrass yourself in the subsequent Nextdoor post?

    "When neighbors start talking, good things happen." 🏡

    Twitter: @bestofnextdoor

    20. Please consider the following options: a. not posting, or b. pulling your entire head out of your ass.

    Nextdoor an unappreciated darkhorse against twitter and reddit for deranged shit like this

    Twitter: @schmendimite

    21. One thief if by foot, two thieves if by car.

    Screen shot of a Reddit post ending in, "Let's close out the month, this week with ZERO break-is or robberies. And no tragedies either. There's still time to Text-a-neighbor!"

    22. I want to meet the unhinged weirdos who look at Nextdoor posts and think, "I wonder if that person's single???"

    THIS 👏 IS 👏 NOT 👏 A 👏 DATING 👏 SITE 👏

    Twitter: @bestofnextdoor

    23. TBH, this is just a normal day in Boston.

    i log into nextdoor just for posts like these

    Twitter: @gatorsafterdark

    "How does one even approach this situation???" You don't. You absolutely do not go near the man wearing the pigeon-stuffed backpack.

    24. QUICK, someone call BuzzFeed Unsolved!

    Screen shot of Facebook comments.

    25. The Lord giveth a shirt, and the Lord taketh that shirt away.

    Screen shot of a post ending in, "I DON'T WANT TO SEE SHIRTLESS MEN!"

    26. A woman goes to the doctor with too many emails. The doctor says treatment is simple, just ask your neighbors to change their email notifications. "But doctor," she says, "I am their email notifications."

    Screen shot of comments on a post

    And sure, there's occasionally some redeeming wholesome content in these groups. Case in point: animal-spotting.

    27. Somewhere in an alternate universe, coyotes are posting in their neighborhood groups about human sightings.

    My favorite neighborhood Facebook posts are when someone complains about poop on the hiking trails and posts pics as evidence, and someone replies “So that’s coyote poop. Many animals live in the woods.”

    Twitter: @missmulrooney

    28. The animal identification fights are brutal, but the stakes could not possibly be lower because fledglings don't know that's what we call them.

    Just a normal Sunday afternoon getting into fights in my neighborhood Facebook group

    Twitter: @naturalog

    29. If you hear a wild drum solo nearby, you may have spotted an Animal.

    shoutout to the guy on nextdoor who posted this image captioned only "Animal?"

    Twitter: @punished_cait

    Easily one of the top five Muppets, without a doubt.

    But if we're being honest, there's only one way to truly end the madness.

    30. Escape while you still can!

    I deleted @Nextdoor and it really was one of the greatest things I ever did.

    Twitter: @soledadobrien

    Never change, neighbors. Your chaos keeps the rest of us sane. <3

    H/T to r/nextdoor and @bestofnextdoor.