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57 Shocking And Unsettling Pictures I Saw This Year That Shouldn't Exist

Not to be dramatic, but I would happily smite every last one of these things from existence and never look back.

Buckle up, folks — it's time to look back at the weirdest and most anxiety-inducing pics I saw in 2023 of things that absolutely shouldn't exist!!!

1. The worst thing you'll ever see in your entire life:

can of baked beans opened with a hot dog for a straw and cool whip and sprinkles on the top

2. This incredibly detailed nightmare nail art:

Closeup of someone's nails

3. This baked "beanana":

Beans in a banana

4. These horrifying baby shower desserts (?!?) that make me never want to see a baby — or eat — again:

Baby glasses

5. This dermatologist's birthday cake with "zits that actually pop":

A zit cake

6. This mutant chick:

chick that looks fake, has one eye in the center, small beak, and no feathers on the head

7. This cactus that made me realize I can't handle the tooth:

A cactus made of teeth

8. This is the bear that Dorothy, Scarecrow, and the Tin Man were afraid of encountering in Oz:

A bear with a human face

9. This "realistic" baby doll:

closeup of the face looking very realistic

10. This monstrosity for Jathan, whose 21st birthday will be ruined the moment he sees this cake:

A foot cake

11. This literal interpretation of the phrase "talk to the hand":

A hand with teeth glued to it

12. This interesting take on a traditional English breakfast:

An English breakfast costume

13. This drainpipe baby with a cigarette:

A doll face with a cigarette in a drainpipe

14. This eggstremely upsetting couch:

A couch made of eggs

15. This incredibly gross clear toilet:

A see-through toilet

16. This art installation that looks like it was made by the Michelin Man:

Clay people

17. This Moaning Myrtle-inspired nightmare:

A mannequin head in a toilet

18. This bar of soap that looks like a slab of meat:

meat soap

19. This Dobby-esque baby doll:

A doll that looks like a house elf

20. This literal golden shower:

A statue of someone peeing

21. These antlered reindeer wine bottle holders that look awfully horny:

Antler wine openers

22. This limp, soulless Big Bird costume:

Tired Big Burd

23. This meaty monstrosity:


24. This mannequin that I want ABSolutely nothing to do with:

mannequin wearing a dress that looks like abs and holding a purse that is also structured like abs

25. This friendly looking tree that looks like it wants to ask about your car's extended warranty:

a tree with a face

26. This bunny straight out of Pet Sematary:

wall hanging of a bloody bunny

27. These crocboy boots:

cowboy Croc boots

28. This demonic doll decor:

A scary doll

29. This Pooh hanger that reveals it's a bit nippy out:

A Pooh hanger with knobs where the nipples should go

30. This cake that looks just as terrifying as it does delicious:

A cake with a face

31. This public toilet that would literally scare the crap out of me:

the toilet is a huge cartoon chicken

32. This reminder that we live in a surveillance state:

A giant face staring at a car

33. This clown shower that makes me think B.O. isn't so bad, actually:

a clown shower

34. This lava pit that looks straight out of Dante's Inferno:

a person standing over a lava pit

35. This freaky adult toy that makes me want to run far, far away (in a zigzag pattern, of course):

A butt plug with an alligator head attached to it

36. This manicure that the artist didn't quite nail:

Giant nails on a hand

37. These Halloween decorations that look just a bit too real:

bloody hanging bodies on a tree

38. This statue that just so happens to be my sleep paralysis demon:

paper mache of a person on all fours with a beak for a mouth

39. This melted chocolate Easter bunny:

A chocolate Easter bunny

40. This homemade mask for aspiring serial killers:

A scary mask

41. This phone that's perfect for calling friends to gossip — because it's two-faced:

A phone with faces on it

42. Knock, knock. Who's there? This DIY disaster:

A badly engineered door

43. Concrete evidence supporting my belief that all dolls are possessed by demonic spirits:

a scary doll

44. The single most terrifying street lamp on earth:

A lamp covered in moss

45. This demonic feline that even the world's biggest cat person would avoid:

A cat sitting on an armoire

46. This Airbnb bedroom with a kid-sized secret passage on the left, where haunted twins (presumably) appear to collect their next victim:

A small door in an attic

47. This drainpipe that's about to be arrested for public indecency:

A drain pipe that looks like a man peeing

48. This cursed sheep that will bring you a lifetime of baaaaahhhh-d luck:

"sheep mount"

49. These hands that belong to a serial killer:

Close-up of hands with thick fingers, huge fingernail beds, and long, dirty fingernails

50. This genuinely cursed product on Temu:

"Veikmv Female Silicone Feet"

51. This public toilet that would literally scare the crap out of me:

A fake man behind a toilet

52. These jean "jarseats":

Jean carseats

53. This brain light bulb that turns on when you have a great idea, such as throwing this bulb in the trash:

A brain light bulb

54. This horrifying cake that looks like an alien character straight out of Goosebumps:

A cake with a face on it

55. These feet (stop doing that!!!):

Someone's toe sticking out of shoes

56. This Pepto Bismol hotdog monstrosity:

Pepto Bismol on a hot dog

57. And finally, this bong made with real teeth:

A bong in the shape of a scary face