I'm Genuinely Cackling At These 45 Pictures Of Dogs And Cats Just Being Silly, Goofy Lil' Guys

    These freaky little goofballs are too pure for this world.

    I think we can all agree that the best kind of pet picture is when you catch them in absolute goblin mode. Mid-sneeze, making weird faces, eyes glowing in the dark — essentially anything that makes you laugh out loud and go, "WTF???"

    Cat standing on hind legs between stair railings, mouth open in mid-sneeze

    Recently, I asked the BuzzFeed Community to share pictures of their pets being freaky little weirdos, and the response was truly overwhelming. Here are 45 of the best replies:

    1. Toad

    Dog in a harness sitting on a wooden deck, mouth open as if mid-yawn or bark

    2. Titan & Chesty

    Two bulldogs sitting close together on a dog bed, the bigger dog has his paw on the head of the smaller one

    3. Zephyr the Dumpster Cryptid

    Cat lying on its back with mouth open as if mid-sneeze

    4. Tank

    Black cat perched atop a wooden cabinet, with it's front paws dangling in front

    5. Aloy

    Dog  in a crate with it's mouth pressed against the bars, forcing it's teeth to show

    6. Fabio

    Dog sitting on a car seat mouth wide open in a yawn

    7. Ganymede

    Tabby cat with open mouth beside an almost empty food bowl on a carpet

    8. Bruce

    A black pug with a slight underbite showing and eyes half closed

    9. Gracie

    A calico cat playfully stretches and yawns while lying on its back

    10. Swayze the cat, Mavis the dog

    A dog and cat close together, the cat is looking up to hiss at the dog

    11. Olivia's dog

    A dog lying on its back, looking up with its eyes wide and teeth showing

    12. Archie

    Dog with closed eyes and tongue out, resting on a couch

    13. Jack

    A cat with mouth wide open as if yawning,

    14. Finn

    Cat lying on a patterned blanket, wearing a small sombrero

    15. Monty

    Close-up of a resting dog with its paw in  its mouth

    16. Hamlet

    tabby cat lying down with its mouth open as if mid-yawn  and one eye closed

    17. Watson

    Dog with harness sitting on grass, looking to the side in suspicion

    18. Matilda

    A hairless cat is curled up and asleep on a person's lap with their limbs in a weird, uncomfortable position

    19. Maple

    Dog lying on its back playing with a rope toy on a carpet

    20. Fergus

    Tabby cat lying on its back on a blue chair looking at camera

    21. Sophie

    Small dog wearing a cozy hat with ear flaps, with one tooth showing

    22. Goose

    A French Bulldog yawning

    23. Mocha

    Small black curly-haired dog lying down with its tongue visible and eyes wide

    24. Orbit

    A joyful dog lounging on a sofa with a fluffy pillow

    25. Luna

    Kitten resting by window, with its hindlegs covering its face

    26. Ripley, LT. Ellen

    dog sleeps with its head against a couch, mouth and eyes slightly open

    27. Tucker

    A small dog with a joyful expression sitting on grass with its eyes half-closed and mouth open in a sneeze

    28. Ash

    Three dogs playing on grass, one lying on its side with its hind leg up and eyes wide

    29. Pixie

    White cat lying on its back under a wicker chair, legs up are the only thing showing

    30. Porkchop

    Dog lying on its side playfully with teeth showing, another dog in the background

    31. Autumn

    Cat on a perch, mouth wide open as if yawning or meowing

    32. Xenophilius

    Dog lying on back with its body contorted

    33. Julius

    Orange cat yawning while stretching on a window ledge

    34. Daisy

    small dog sitting on a person's lap with his small teeth showing

    35. Pebbles (Pebbles is ‘smiling’ by the way)

    Dog with mouth open, showing teeth, looking up

    36. Hazy

    A cat standing inside an open refrigerator

    37. Bella

    Dog putting its head between a person's legs

    38. Cici

    dog chasing another with its tongue out and eyes wide

    39. Salem

    A playful black kitten with wide eyes playing with a string on someone's lap with its eyes wide

    40. Juno

    Pug with a bow tie looking up near a bowl of dog food on the floor with its eyes glowing with the flash

    41. Baby Bear

    Gray dog lying down comfortably, giving a side eye towards the camera

    42. Izzy

    A grey Persian cat with a lion haircut with its tongue out looking mad

    43. Charlie

    Golden retriever dog lying on its side, eyes slightly closed

    44. Ava

    Cat with mouth open in a hiss

    45. And finally, Emma

    Close-up of a dog with a slightly open mouth and eyes looking in different direcitons

    Do you have a picture of your pet in goblin mode? Drop it in the comments (along with their name) for a chance to have your story featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!