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    Area Man Jealous That His Girlfriend Laughed Harder At These 30 Women's Tweets Than Every Joke He's Ever Told

    "I love when my cat pushes open the bathroom door the same way a cowboy would bust open the doors to a saloon" —@xanabon

    Apropos of nothing, did you know there's a Facebook page called BuzzFeed Sweaty? No, I will not elaborate. Now on to this week's roundup!

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    me: exciting things are happening! my anxiety: and for my next trick I will turn exciting things into terrifying things

    Twitter: @ElyKreimendahl


    about to go to a yale law party, can’t wait to pretend i’ve never heard of yale

    Twitter: @thediebster


    looking at my boyfriend stand in the shower behind the sliding glass door like i’m at the aquarium

    Twitter: @makaylathinks


    “Are you feeling rested after the long weekend??” Me:

    Twitter: @1AbbyRoad


    Every metaverse pitch I get on LinkedIn boils down to "we are building a new world where anything is possible and the only limit is your imagination. for example, in this new world you can buy and wear various clothes"

    Twitter: @heyjulesfern


    boyfriend said I’m the most beautiful woman in the galaxy knowing full well there are countless other galaxies in the universe ?? crying and throwing up

    Twitter: @sanjanacurtis


    Me, standing in a pencil skirt: I am a sleek and sophisticated professional Me, doing anything else in a pencil skirt: Is it possible to drive this car sidesaddle

    Twitter: @Audrey_Burges


    You were not a teenage dirtbag you were a section leader in your high school marching band

    Twitter: @human_racket


    Me in animal crossing trying to figure out interior design

    Twitter: @AbbyHoward


    My 4y/o slipped half a corn cob in a water bottle + called it “corn water” + screwed it tight + checks it daily + guards it scrupulously + tonight he took a stealthy sip + announced “it needs another day” + I just realized he’s making … moonshine?

    Twitter: @clairedwillett


    No one has ever committed harder to a bit than the men who dump women then compulsively watch their Instagram stories for the rest of time

    Twitter: @lizkhawiesta_


    Being a baby gotta be traumatizing at times. Imagine going to sleep at your house & you wake up at Target

    Twitter: @GemzbyAshh


    saved a 25 year old (25)(twenty five) (20 5)(25 btw) man’s number in my phone, and he looked at it and said “damn no emojis”.

    Twitter: @fuckillmarni


    You either die a hometown hero or live long enough to see yourself become the

    Twitter: @HeySladey


    brat kink blows my mind lmao imagine being sexually excited by the idea that you're really annoying

    Twitter: @LysandraAriella


    i love when my cat pushes open the bathroom door the same way a cowboy would bust open the doors to a saloon

    Twitter: @xanabon


    Twitter: @gabrielledrolet


    every midwestern person i meet loves telling me about an amazing food place they grew up w/ and it always has a name like “clurmpees”

    Twitter: @SydneyBattle


    She’s gonna fucking hate movies in this one

    Twitter: @BrotiGupta


    i'm in a birding group on facebook and sometimes when someone posts a nice pic i comment "beautiful bird" so no i dont want to do coke in the bathroom with you

    Twitter: @cryingbaseball


    stop asking your partner if they would still love you if you were a worm and start asking them if they would still love you if you wore transition lens glasses

    Twitter: @crocfanpage


    well well well if it isn’t me writing all the things from last week’s to-do list on this week’s to-do list

    Twitter: @ElyKreimendahl


    oh your boyfriend’s a doctor? well my boyfriend is now the coach of an imaginary football team for the next 4 months

    Twitter: @femaleredhead


    I hate when my boobs ruin an outfit. Like we could have been serving cottagecore but thanks to you guys it’s milkmaid MILF

    Twitter: @elizamclamb


    Twitter: @LilyYily


    Nahhhh why my wax lady reschedule my appointment cause she said somebody farted on her and she can’t stop throwing up 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 omfggg

    Twitter: @alienooooo


    asked a friend to hang out and he said he was in the middle of getting revenge and would be busy with that for the next week

    Twitter: @alexnpress


    paypal is like "you just received $100! what would you like to do with your $91? oh you want to transfer your $86? okay transferring $79 to your bank"

    Twitter: @byelacey


    In the age of cell phones, the area code has become the ancestral clan name or heraldry. It is a marker of old stories, loyalties, a statement that says "there was a land I came from but am there no longer"

    Twitter: @MartyrWith


    After I dropped my daughter off at college, my youngest son said “We’re finally empty nesters. Let’s start traveling”.

    Twitter: @mayamanion

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