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    23 Aspects Of American Life That People Think Europe Really Needs To Adopt

    "European countries should actually call out their own racism instead of excusing it as part of their European culture."

    From universal healthcare to high speed rails, there are many ways Europe is more advanced than the US. But that's not always the case.

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    Recently, on the Ask An American subreddit, u/LordSoftCream asked, "Is there anything you think Europe could learn from the US? What?"

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    1. "The US is one of the most accessible nations because of the Americans with Disabilities Act. When I went abroad, I was shocked by how impossible it would be to get around with a disability."

    A woman helping a disabled person in the pool

    2. "Europeans could stand to learn that air conditioning won’t kill you, especially in the summer."

    An AC unit

    3. "How to make BBQ. I don't mean grilling — I mean proper BBQ with sides."

    Someone cutting meat

    4. "How to be okay with people doing things differently. I’ve worked with Europeans for years, and while they’re generally nice folks, they could use a better understanding that the way they know isn’t necessarily THE way."


    5. "Thinking outside of the box. I work for an American company that collaborates with a European one. They are completely unwilling to even challenge conventional wisdom on a topic."

    A block out of place

    6. "I'd say they could learn to air their dirty laundry better. There always seems to be a simmering problem that they just don't talk about unless they get drunk. Maybe they need to get drunk more often."

    A woman with a megaphone

    7. "Free water at restaurants."

    Someone holding a glass of water

    8. "Ice! When I return from northern Europe to the US, the first thing I get at the airport is a gigantic cup of ice water."


    9. "Not smoking everywhere. I don’t understand how smoking is still so mainstream in Europe. They're sucking on cancer sticks everywhere."

    A no-smoking sign

    10. "Being friendly to strangers."

    Two men talking on the porch steps

    11. "Ditch the aristocracy. It's outdated."

    A large castle

    12. "There seems to be more pressure to conform and not stand out as much. The US accepts individualism so much more."

    People standing in a line

    13. "European countries should actually call out their own racism instead of excusing it as part of their European culture. When I bring up racism in Norway (where I lived), I get a bunch of angry Norwegians yelling me because they don't think their racism counts as racism."

    Black and white letters separated by a knife

    14. "The US has much better toilets and showers."

    A shower

    15. "I'm European, and I think Americans have a degree of economic awareness that Europeans lack. Americans are generally pretty aware of economic policy problems and inflation, but I barely seen any Europeans talk about the rampant money creation by the Central European Bank that's making prices spike over here."

    100 dollar bills

    16. "For the love of all things good, establish a paper version of a 'one' Euro. The amount of coins I ended up carrying over there was obnoxious. Y’all walk around with pockets jingling full of high value coins — NO WONDER there are hella pickpockets hanging about."


    17. "Unlimited mobile internet. In Germany, it's a rarity."

    Hands holding smart phones

    18. "Stop trying to act like experts about the US. They don't understand the nuances of American life and politics because they have the mindset of a person from a country with a much different history, culture, and dialect."

    US Capitol

    19. "TAMPONS!!! European tampons don't come with applicators, so I had to basically finger myself to insert, and it was falling out half the time. If they're concerned about the environment, there are recycled cardboard applicators."

    Someone with tampons in their pockets

    20. "Better preservation of nature (see: our national parks)."

    Mountains overlooking a vista

    21. "Put screens on the windows! Many apartments and houses don't have AC, so you have to open the windows. The bugs get EVERYWHERE!! Why is such a simple thing like window screens not a standard thing in Europe??"

    An opened window

    22. "Free bread or other sides. I usually find out after eating that the basket of bread or olives was an extra charge in Europe."

    A basket of bread

    23. "Cannabis legalization!"

    A gavel with a marijuana leaf

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    Some replies have been edited for length and clarity.

    What else in the US could Europe learn from? Let us know in the comments! 🇺🇸👇