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    I Have ADHD. Here Are 14 Genuinely Life-Altering Hacks That I Use On A Daily Basis

    ADHDers, you can thank me later (if you remember).

    Hi! I'm Alice. I hate milk, love contemporary romance novels, and watch a lot of Real Housewives. Also, I have ADHD.

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    At 17, I insisted on being evaluated for ADHD — despite some people telling me that I was just lazy and needed to apply myself.

    graphic of an ink scribble where a brain is supposed to be

    My doctor determined that I am, in fact, "the poster child for ADHD." Still, it took me over a decade to find the right systems and hacks to navigate daily life.

    a doctor saying, you have ADHD, Alice, and a photo of the author pasted over the patient's body with the text, No shit

    Here are some hacks that make my life 1,000x easier. If you have ADHD and struggle with basic tasks, I hope you find these tips helpful!

    1. Procrastination hack: Follow the mantra "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good."

    character saying, pobody's nerfect

    2. To-do list hack: Limit lists to three–five items.

    list of five things to do

    3. Trick my brain/body into action hack (part 1): Listen to my "Manufactured Serotonin" playlist.

    screenshot showing the songs on the playlist

    4. Trick my brain/body into action hack (part 2): Have an orgasm.

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    5. Make myself put the phone down, get up, and DO SOMETHING hack: Literally throw my phone across the room.

    6. Wake up with minimal struggle hack: Set an alarm for one hour before I need to get up so I can take my stimulant medication.

    clock that reads, crap

    7. Bonus clock-related hack: This timer thing is amazing.

    clock blocked out for different timers

    8. Drink enough water for my body to function properly hack: Eat something spicy.

    9. Remember to take all my meds throughout the day hack: Use a water bottle with a built-in pill case.

    water bottle with pill departments for each day

    10. Override my mindset of "I would rather take a fork to my eyeball than complete this tedious, mind-numbing task" hack: Find a podcast I love, download every episode I can, and play it while I go around doing chores I absolutely hate.

    11. Reading like I did as a kid before I lost the ability to finish a single book hack: Find the adult version of books I loved when I was younger.

    12. Prevent my house from becoming a total pigsty hack: I buy household items specifically designed to help my brain's ~*~problem areas.~*~

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    13. Understanding my brain better hack: Research ADHD and figure out what changes I want/need in my life.

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    14. Dream big hack: Set lofty goals.

    author holding up a sign that says, what am I working towards

    I want to know your ADHD hacks! Drop them in the comments below. 👇