11 Hillarious Moments When You Are Sleep Deprived

You are vulnerable to these when you haven’t slept the appropriate human amount. *Yawn*

1. 1. Even a tiny spot for dozing off looks like paradise. Lamp-shade? Even that sounds a great idea because you missed out on your sleep and now you don’t care how that looks.

2. 2. You look wasted & and then you drop down to the floor like this just because you think floor is a good place to fuel your sleep-o-meter.

3. 3. That is how you get up that day. Forcefully is a small word in your “situation”

4. 4. You secretly wish that someone injects a NAP TIME spray on you and you have an excuse to pass out.

5. 5. Your reaction when someone asks you what is wrong with you.

6. 6. And then you try to explain something vital and this comes out of your mouth.

7. 7. When you realize you have to get on with your work in your awsome sleepy state.

8. 8. Thats how your mind functions the whole day. You day dream about cartoons and almost feel you have lost your mind.

9. 9. When someone is talking to you, thats what you do. YEAH YEAH, I AM LISTENING TO YOU WITH ALL EARS.

10. 10. And when you finally get home. Your romantic relationship ignites with your bed.

11. 11. The only thing you have on your mind is a warm fuzzy bed to snuggle in. The rest of the world doesn’t mean a thing to you.

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