10 Female Self-Esteem Anthems, Because You’re Awesome

Bye h8ers.

1. India.Arie “Video”

You know a song’s a winner when it starts with “sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don’t.”

2. Selena Gomez “Who Says”

Fan fiction: November 2012 Mitt Romney listened to this song on repeat and cried when Selena sang “who says you’re not presidential?”

3. Kellie Pickler “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful”

Kellie Pickler at a roller skating rink AH IT’S SO CUTE AND WHOLESOME.

4. Demi Lovato “Believe In Me”

Featuring the lyric “everyone’s perfect in unusual ways,” which is totally comforting and makes no sense.

5. Lauryn Hill “Doo-Wop (That Thing)”


6. P!nk “F**ckin’ Perfect”

Just obsessed with Tina Majorino’s #dark performance in this video.

7. Taylor Swift “Tied Together With A Smile”

In which 16-year-old Tay.Swift sings to herself. “You cry but you don’t tell anyone/That you might not be the golden one…”

8. TLC “Unpretty”

Have you ever *really* listened to these lyrics? “But if you can’t look inside you/Find out who am I to/Be in the position to make me feel so/Damn unpretty.” The bizarre grammatical construction is truly inspiring.

9. Marina And The Diamonds “I Am Not A Robot”

This video teaches you that no one’s perfect and it’s ok to have feelings and how to rock sparkly black body paint.

10. Christina Aguilera “Beautiful”


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